WhatsApp Working on a New Update

These days WhatsApp is coming with a lot of new updates and features to make its users happy. The WhatsApp app has become a part of everyone’s life because it’s the easiest way to communicate as compared to other social media platforms. These days WhatsApp is working on the feature to let the user choose the quality of the video. 

Updates and Features

New Update

All the updates and features that WhatsApp is bringing are the best way possible to make the user experience better. A lot of documents and videos can be easily shared through WhatsApp and is said to be the fastest way to do so. But till now the quality of videos that were being shared on WhatsApp keeps on deteriorating full stop this is a reason WhatsApp is now trying to bring a new feature that will allow the user to choose the quality of the videos they want to share. This will allow the users to share high-quality videos with their contacts to do so you can also compress the video and send it in a form of documents. This way the process of transferring will be much easier and the quality of the video will remain the same. Another messaging app that has RCS capabilities has an upper hand over WhatsApp in this feature. Because they let the users share high-quality videos. 

New Update – WhatsApp

Wabetainofo has revealed that WhatsApp users will now be given three options. One is an auto mode in which WhatsApp chooses the quality of videos they will send depending on the speed of the internet. The second option will be the best quality in this, the process may be slow because of the speed of the internet. but, the resolution of the video will remain the same in high quality. The third option that will be provided will be the data saver. With the use of this option, WhatsApp will compress the videos before sending them so that a minimum amount of data is consumed. All these updates will give the user better experiences and are expected to be e featured in the coming future updates. Another update on which WhatsApp is working is the real-time waveform in the voice messages.