How should students be prepared for online assessments

In India, digital examinations are not yet prevalent, but they may be soon. To educate students for giving virtual tests, institutions should take the following measures of online assessments.

The Covid-19 epidemic has wreaked havoc on the educational and academic landscape, propelling online exams to the forefront and providing them a boost they’ve had never seen before. Due to the continuous interruption, the needed timetable for migrating between offline to the internet in a couple of quarters or even weekends has been dramatically changed.

Exams being moved online have several advantages.

online assessments

Traveling to an unknown and remote test center, perhaps in another new city or perhaps even state, carrying exam-related necessities such as admission certificates and identification cards, is sometimes a burden.

To take their internet-based examinations from just about anywhere, at any time, students simply need a laptop as well as an internet connection.

Conducting a test at a geographical place offers its own set of challenges for administrations. It takes a long time to schedule hundreds or even thousands of examination centers, assign security guards to each location, and then reliably declare results.

The whole examination procedure can be repeated and automated online, eliminating all of the above-mentioned challenges of administering a center-based exam.

Online AssessmentsSteps to solve queries

To guarantee a streamlined and secure environment for all parties actively involved in the procedure, universities should undertake three steps. They are as follows:

1. Mock tests are simulations of actual tests.

First of all and foremost, universities and state schools hosting examinations should provide enough dry runs or review work for administrative staff and teachers to familiarize them with the entire system.

2. Dos as well as don’t programs

When completing center-based examinations, students will be informed of what directions to follow in terms of maintaining the process’s etiquette. Virtual proctoring is used for application form invigilation. As a result, we may believe some things are fine when they aren’t!

3. Scheme, as well as internet connectivity, is both faultless.

Throughout the event of the system failure or maybe even low internet connectivity, online test operating systems provide a support system. The platforms immediately preserve the candidate’s replies and restart the exam from the point when he or she had disengaged from the platform.