The Ultimate Guide For Hunting A Rental Apartment In Dubai

Vista Properties Team - Rental Apartment In Dubai

There is no happier place than home, whether you’re creating memories with your family or relaxing alone in your man cave. Finding the perfect apartment in Dubai that meets all of your needs might be a bit frightening, though, when it comes to making the move. So, let’s get started!

Why You Should Rent An Apartment In Dubai

If you are relocating or already living in Dubai, finding a suitable apartment for yourself is something that is definitely on your checklist. Will renting a property be a good decision for you? It all depends on your financial status and long-term goals though.

According to the Manager Director of Vista Corporate Group, Hitesh Bagmar, the real estate market in Dubai is flourishing. It is always in favor of buyers, but spending such a huge amount of money can make a hole in your pocket.

“You need to consider many things before renting an apartment in Dubai. From how long you are planning to stay to whether or not you have a stable job to pay off the rent every month. Renting a property in Dubai is not a joke! A stable monthly income is a must,” says Vista Corporate Group’s MD, Hitesh Bagmar.

Vista Corporate Group is a luxury real estate and advanced property management company serving customers with strategic insights and wise counsel to help investors make financially responsible real estate decisions. The company strives to educate and empower luxury dream home aspirants.

Choosing the area you want to rent an apartment in Dubai should depend on your financial situation and lifestyle. Although Dubai is well-known for its luxury lifestyle, the prices of properties in Dubai keep fluctuating. They are also considerably high in some areas depending on the lifestyle of residents.

“Renting a property is different from buying a property in Dubai. When you purchase property in Dubai, you will have to pay a down payment and fees. This could be a lot of money when you are planning to stay for a short time in Dubai. In that case, renting an apartment in Dubai is a good option that will save you money in the short term,” suggests Bhavna Yogesh Radhakrishnan, the Marketing Manager of Vista Corporate Group.

There is a growing demand for luxury real estate in Dubai because of high ROIs, quicker sales, and greater security. Real estate buyers in Dubai seeking expert guidance for seamless apartment shopping experience can count on Vista’s ultimate guide for hunting an apartment in Dubai.

The Checklist For Searching Apartments In Dubai

While looking for an apartment in Dubai, you should start by browsing all the options on Vista Properties. Here are our brief initial apartment searching criteria though, so read them before you start looking through ads.


Preferably, you’d like to reside close to your place of employment or the locations you frequent the most, such as your kid’s schools, the university, etc. You must explore all the available properties in Dubai which would match your areas of interest.


To calculate your yearly rent budget, multiply your monthly rent budget by twelve months. The total budget needs to include a few extra expenses as well. These include security deposit, agency fees, housing fees, Ejari fees, DEWA deposit, and gas deposit.

Number Of Cheques

The majority of tenants in Dubai are required to pay their rent via checks, which can be issued as one cheque for the entire year or in installments of four or six cheques for three months or four cheques for the entire year (every two months). These specifics are typically mentioned by real estate agents in the property listing details. You can contact the top real estate agents in Dubai, Vista Properties, for additional information about the lease procedures in that city.

Number Of Rooms

Determine how many rooms you’ll need in your home based on the number of guests you’ll have. When you start looking at real estate listings in Dubai, devote some time to decide what you want. If you live solo, you may find yourself choosing between a one-bedroom and a studio apartment in Dubai.

Time You Should Take To Viewing Apartments In Dubai

Following the right apartment-seeking checklist will make the process easier for you when it comes to viewing apartments in Dubai. We have compiled this checklist based on interviews with long-term residents of Dubai.

Exploring The Neighbourhood

You must stroll around and estimate the distance from the property to the supermarkets or surrounding utilities without the aid of maps and neighborhood guides. If you choose not to drive, you should also find out how far it is from your accommodation to the closest bus stop and metro stop.

You may examine the traffic in the region during peak hours using Google Maps’ heat map function. Roads painted red or yellow indicate congestion.

Building Facilities

You might need to stop by the facilities to see if the gym or pool is open and functional.

Examine the area later in the evening to see if there is any strange odor. This is the time to discover whether there are problems with garbage rooms, dirty chutes, etc.

Find out how many parking spaces, whether outdoor or indoor, you are given.

In the lobby of the building, check for security measures and CCTV cameras. Buildings with access cards for admission are a benefit.

Inside The Apartment

Consider how well the walls of the apartment can muffle sounds from nearby flats. For those who are light sleepers, this ought to be on the top of your list.

Verify the home’s number of power sockets. They must be easy to plug in all of your large appliances.

Examine the locations designated for the refrigerator, washing machine, or gas stove.

Keep an eye out for paint that has chipped off the walls. Keep an eye out for mold or leaks, particularly in the wall edges.

Try to open and shut each window, cabinet, and cupboard door.

Keep an eye on the bathroom and bathtub, and get them fixed if needed.

What Are The Best Places To Rent An Apartment In Dubai

The progressive lifestyle of Dubai appeals to many individuals. “If you are looking for an apartment to rent in Dubai, knowing about the best place to rent a Dubai apartment is a great way to get started. Renting a property in Dubai is a fantastic choice indeed,” shares Head Of Sales, Vista Corporate Group, Rami Naseer Al Nabwani. “The thriving real estate market of Dubai is a testimonial for this statement,” he finishes.

Sheikh Zayed Road

Renting an apartment on Sheikh Zayed Road offers residents great connectivity. The residential neighborhoods along Sheikh Zayed Road are peaceful and less occupied than Bur Dubai. When you rent a property on Sheikh Zayed Road, you get to enjoy the benefits of living near the main highway of Dubai. This area has a variety of flats and villas of all sizes.

Jumeirah Village Circle

Residents in Dubai looking for economical options for housing can rent an apartment in Jumeirah Village Circle. When you rent a property in JVC, you can enjoy easy transit to Dubai Marina, Dubai Internet City, and Jumeirah Lake Towers. It is a preferred choice of many workaholics in Dubai. The region is also popular community for families, community centres, and parks. 

Jumeirah Lake Towers

The mixed-use complex, Jumeirah Lake Towers, is located on the beachfront in Dubai. It is one of the most rapidly expanding and largest free zones in the United Arab Emirates. This skyscraper village of Dubai is also pedestrian-friendly. Schools, grocery shops, and restaurants are pretty much accessible in this neighborhood of Dubai.

Sports City

Sports City is home to the acclaimed ICC Cricket Stadium. This locality in Dubai is popular for its moderately priced housing options. You can find moderately priced apartments for rent in Sports City, Dubai. It is just 15 to 20 minutes away from Dubai Media City and Internet City. Living and working in Dubai is quite easy for people who rent an apartment in Sports City.

Al Furjan

Located in the heart of Dubai, Al Furjan features luxury apartment complex which overlooks Sheikh Zayed Road. The fantastic road network of Al Furjan makes it extremely convenient for individuals to reach of all major attractions in Dubai in no time. Accessing Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Al Maktoum International Airport, and Dubai International Airport is no hassle when you live in a rental apartment in Al Furjan.

Dubai Investment Park

Living in an enclosed community in Dubai is a popular choice for many residents. Dubai Investment Park gives city-dwellers looking for an outside rental apartment in Dubai the opportunity to rent an apartment in Dubai Investment Park. It is the go-to choice of many Indians due to its affordability.

Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis is a city within a city. It is one of most popular locations in Dubai for renting apartments. Young professionals and families looking for an affordable neighbourhood in Dubai can invest in a rental property in Dubai Silicon Oasis. This locality in Dubai is also quite close to major highways in the city.

Bur Dubai

Individuals who want to enjoy variety when it comes to renting a property in Dubai can consider Bur Dubai. This prime location in Dubai makes it easy for residents to get to Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai, Dubai International Airport, Deira, and DIFC. It has large supermarkets to meet the unique needs of the expat community.


Renting a property in Dubai is a great option due to the financial freedom, flexibility, and fewer upfront costs that it brings to the table. The best thing about renting a property in Dubai is that it does not tie you to any long-term commitments. Once you find the right rental property for you in Dubai, there is definitely no going back.