Google is Coming with Its Health App

As in this pandemic, we have realized how important is the medical conditions and health of a person are. Google is recently said to be working on an apple-like health app so that they can easily manage their medical records and this will also allow them to share them with their families.

Google is working to launch this health app soon. An Android version will be expected to be his soon and, there is no such news about the iOS version of the health app. This will be the best option to help bring and manage all the medical records of a person at a single place. Google is said to be the security app so everyone can easily trust the app. This health app will allow the accumulation and sharing of the records just like how the Apple health app was working till now.

Health App

This information has spread after the leader screenshot of a Google app underworks. The description of the work was mentioned as a unified view of your health. This information will be pulled out from a person’s visit to a health care center or a visit to a doctor, lab, and other facilities. to use this incredible app the use offers have to link their online accounts from the place where they have visited to see the doctor. And also, to the other health centers where they have visited. It is said that then Google can easily take the records from the established accounts and will help you by putting all of this information in a single place. It will be recorded in such a manner so that it will be easier for you to keep a track of your health and also share them with your families.

This can be the best app for people who have a regular visit to a doctor and sometimes lost track of the days of appointment and other details about their health. And The sharing feature that will be available in this app will be helpful so that they can share the records with the doctors to clarify their health patterns. The launch of this app is expected soon for Android users.