The CISCE has reduced the syllabus for the Classes 10 and 12 examinations for the coming year

Due to an increase of Covid-19 instances, CISCE has shortened the content for Class 10 and 12, and 13 examinations for the coming year.

The ICSE class10th and the ISC class 12th yearly examinations syllabus has been reduced by CISCE in the next year. For both ICSE and the ISC 2022 examinations, the council has lowered the English and some of the Indian Language curricula. For such 2022 assessments, the Board for Advancement of Teaching and the CISCE has shortened the curriculum for both Classes 10 and Classes 12. The CISCE has reduced the syllabus for the Classes.

According to the college, it is reducing the curriculum in numerous other topics somewhere at ICSE or the ISC degrees in collaboration with technical experts, without sacrificing content quality.

“…CISCE has explored the possibility of national curriculum evaluation for different subjects only at ICSE as well as ISC concentrations, explicitly for Courses 10 as well as 12, for both the Assessment Year 2022, to recognize chunks of the curriculum that may be decreased, without considering the performance of subject matter,” saw that Gerry Arathoon, Executive Chairman and Assistant, CISCE in a declaration sent to all educational institutions.

The CISCE has reduced the syllabus for the Classes

The CISCE has reduced the syllabus for the Classes

Students may get the updated curriculum only for 2022 examinations on either the CISCE’s online webpage,, underneath the ICSE or the ISC headings, and by clicking on the Guidelines and Curriculums link.

“Throughout the situation that perhaps the syllabus needs to be reduced significantly, it is critical that the appropriate subject instructors conduct the syllabus precisely and as per the subjects listed in the curriculum. This will guarantee that almost all CISCE associated schools are teaching this very same subjects everywhere at a given moment, and also allow for future curriculum reductions if necessary,” according to the official CISCE release. The CISCE has reduced the syllabus for the Classes.

Because of the outbreak of Covid – 19 and the youngsters’ safety, the Council for the Indian school certificate examinations (CISCE) had to suspend the Classes for the 10 and Class 12 examinations this year. Coming to arrive at either the ICSE classes of 10th as well as the 12th results, CISCE would employ internal evaluation ratings and position in comparison.