Maggi – An Indian Equivalent Of Comfort Food In The Pandemic

Whether you believe in its health benefits or not, Maggi is and has been the Indian Equivalent Of Comfort Food. This Nestle product has been a spicy gossip for many. Despite that, people have continued to consume it with the same love and adoration as they did the first time.

Maggi – A nostalgic treat

Indian Equivalent Of Comfort Food

Making Maggi is not rocket science. You boil some water in a pan, let it come to a boil, and add the noodles and tastemaker. Let it cook for a few minutes and serve hot.

Over the years, people have come up with new and innovative Maggi recipes. It includes cheese Maggi, masala Maggi, sauteed vegetables Maggi, egg Maggie, peri-peri Maggi, etc. However, nothing beats the original Maggi recipe.

For many people, Maggi is not instant noodles but an essential part of their childhood. We all remember the mouth-watering cold Maggie in our friend’s lunchbox. No 5-star dish of this world can ever compare to that taste and nostalgia.

A true pandemic tastebud pleaser

The outburst of the global pandemic coronavirus led to sudden and prolonged lockdowns in all countries. People who once enjoyed the spicy Indian street food with lots of spices are now eating home-cooked food.

It is when Maggi comes to their rescue. With people living away from their families, Maggie provides them love and comfort in the chaos. Consequently, its importance has multiplied to an unprecedented extent. Numerous renowned American and British YouTubers are trying the classic Maggi recipe to find what the hype is about.

Months of nationwide lockdown have considerably altered consumer’s eating habits. We can see people spending on immunity boosters, vitamins, and packed food items. The 2020 Indian lockdown alone witnessed a surge in Maggi’s demand by at least 20-25 percent.

Despite that, this Indian instant noodle witnessed inconsistent growth during the lockdown. Although people were stocking their treats for cheat days, their primary focus was on goods packaged with health-boosting ingredients.

So name it a childhood obsession or an emotional attachment, people’s love for Maggi is unconditional.