Modi’s Call Against Corruption

The opposition parties, including the Trinamool, have been constantly demanding that the Modi government wants to use the corruption allegations as a tool to hold the opposition accountable. All opposition parties will move on to the ‘over-activeness’ of central investigative agencies. But the Prime Minister said again yesterday, “Those whose interests are hurt will scream. Those whose feet are stuck in the mud will scream. No matter how powerful the corrupt are, they should not be exempted.”

There was a function of the Central Vigilance Commission yesterday at Vigyan Bhavan in Delhi. Officers of all Central Investigation Agencies were present there. Last month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised his voice against corruption in Rajkot and said that when action is taken against the corrupt, they shout. Echoing that tone yesterday, he said to the officers, “You have no reason to fear in the fight against corruption. You are working for the good of the country, not committing crimes.”

Modi’s message 

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While Modi is giving this message, case after case is going on against the leaders and ministers of the opposition parties across the country, some are being summoned for questioning, and some are in jail. Trinamool, AAP, Congress, NCP, Shiv Sena, RJD, JMM, National Conference – no one is beyond the target of the Central Intelligence Agency. Sonia-Rahul Gandhi to Satyendra Jain, Abhishek Banerjee to Hemant Saran – all under the fire glass of investigation. The opposition demands to put the government where there is an opposition government, the center is deploying CBI-ED to suppress voices where there is no government.

Citing his example, Modi said, “I have led the administration of Gujarat for a long time. I have heard many cases of abuse for taking action against corruption. But the people are like God. If you follow the right path, the countrymen will stand by you. The same happened to me.” Incidentally, voting was announced in Gujarat yesterday. However, Modi did not say anything about the allegations of corruption in the bridge accident.

In his speech yesterday, Modi elaborated on his government’s role in fighting corruption. At the same time, the cannon is fired again toward Congress. In Modi’s words, “Even after independence, things like corruption, exploitation, and control of government power have increased. Four generations of India have endured it. But in this elixir of independence, we have to end decades of corruption. No political or social shelter should be there. We have to create an atmosphere where corrupt people do not get it.”

Counterclaims of the opposition 

Opposition counterclaimed; Modi repeatedly attacked the Congress by alleging corruption. Other opposition parties are not exempted. But none of the allegations of corruption leveled against the BJP are acted upon. For example, the Prime Minister’s statement yesterday, “I saw the jailed criminal being praised. There is a rush to take pictures with him. There is no shame!” The question of the opposition is, where is the issue of this shame when criminals are given flowers and sweets in the Bilkis Bano case?