Modi Talks About ‘Double Engine’ Theory

Assembly polls in Karnataka after five months. Before that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s message, not only to the rest of the states but also the challenge in front of other countries is the ‘double engine government’ there. The Prime Minister inaugurated the 3-day international investor conference titled ‘Invest Karnataka 2022’ through video conference on Wednesday. He said this there. However, the opposition is not giving up on this. Their sarcasm, ‘double engine’ has increased the intensity of corruption in reality.

Statement of PM 

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah along with top BJP leaders have been talking about forming the government of the same party in the state and center during the campaign for the assembly elections. According to them, it accelerates the development of Center and State coordination facilities. Hearing this again from Modi’s mouth in poll-bound Karnataka, the opposition has started raising questions. According to them, the so-called ‘double engine’ government is in trouble due to the collapse of the bridge in Gujarat and the death of many people. This government is also there in Uttar Pradesh, but the law-and-order situation there is repeatedly being questioned. All in all, the prime minister is trying to hide the irony of the current situation by raising the old dust of ‘double engine’, the sarcasm is coming from the opposition camp.

Modi Talks
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The Bommai government of Karnataka is also in trouble due to various allegations of corruption. The Congress has alleged that BJP leaders and ministers have to pay at least 40 percent of the money as bribes to get government jobs. They are campaigning by putting up posters written ‘PCM’ with pictures of Bommai. The arrest of a young man wearing a ‘PCM’ t-shirt in that state during Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra has sparked a lot of controversies. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh claims that BJP and RSS are worried about this journey.

In this situation, it got new fuel around the Prime Minister’s comments. Modi said today, “Karnataka has a double engine power, with the same party (BJP) in government both at the state and at the Centre. This is one of the reasons why the state is growing rapidly and holds the top position in terms of ease of doing business and foreign investment.” It is claimed that such a large-scale investor conference is the first in the country after Covid. It is said to be the ultimate example of a competitive and cooperative federal structure by Modi.

Wrapping up 

The Prime Minister claimed that Karnataka is one of the largest technology clusters in the world. From industry to information technology, fin-tech to biotech – new records of progress are being written here. According to him, not only in the other states of the country but also in many other countries, Karnataka is facing a challenge. He says, “Whenever talent and technology are talked about, the first name that comes to mind is: ‘Brand Bangalore’. It’s established. Around the world.” While southern states are at the forefront of protests over allegations of forced imposition of Hindi, the Prime Minister from Karnataka has praised the language and culture there.