Gujarat Elections Are Going To Be Held on 1 and 5 December

In the face of questions about ‘neutrality’ and ‘independence’ yesterday, the Election Commission announced the results of the Gujarat polls. Despite announcing the vote, the Election Commission had to face an unprecedented attack from the opposition camp.

Announcement of EC

On October 14, the Election Commission announced the schedule for the Himachal Pradesh elections. The announcement of the Gujarat poll date was delayed. On the same day, the opposition raised the complaint that the election commission did not announce the date of the polls because Prime Minister Narendra Modi had laid the foundation stone of various government and private projects in Gujarat. Because if the electoral code of conduct was issued, the Prime Minister’s program would have been interrupted.

Elections In Gujarat
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Election Commission said yesterday that voting will be held in two phases in Gujarat. December 1st and 5th. The counting of votes will take place on December 8. On that day, the votes of Himachal will also be counted. Naturally, the opposition has raised the question, when the results of the Himachal and Gujarat elections are announced, then why are the two states’ election announcements not made together? They alleged that the Election Commission announced the polls late due to pressure from the BJP.

Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar responded to this question about the ‘neutrality’ and ‘independence’ of the Election Commission, saying there is no question of bias. Impartiality is the proud tradition of this institution. The commission is 100 percent impartial. His logic, the weather, the last day of the assembly term – many things, balance everything and announce the election day. Gujarat polls are being announced at the right time.

In the face of attacks from the opposition, Rajeev said, “Many try to create a negative atmosphere. Actions are more effective than words. Whatever I say, the real issue is our work and its results. Those who criticize the Election Commission during the polls are surprised when the results of the polls come out. Be done. Many questions the EVMs. If the results are in their favor, shut up.” He said that due to the accident in Moravi, the announcement of the vote has also been delayed.

Wrapping up 

The opposition alleges that the Moravi accident took place on Sunday. At that time the Prime Minister’s program was going on in Gujarat. Modi had a program in Gujarat till November 1. That is why the vote was not announced. At the end of the Prime Minister’s program, the Election Commission could have announced the polls on November 2. But on that day, the Gujarat government declared public mourning in the state and the commission announced the polls on that day.

Congress’ Gujarat in-charge leader Raghu Sharma quipped, “Thanks to the Election Commission that despite pressure from the BJP and the government, the polls have finally been announced.” His further complaint is not only the Prime Minister’s program. The Election Commission has delayed the release of the polling schedule due to infighting in the BJP in Gujarat. Aam Aadmi Party Gujarat leader Gopal Italia echoed the same tone, saying, “Thank you very much for announcing the election without a single day’s delay after the Prime Minister’s program.”