InsideAIML Partners with AskTalos To Provide Real-World Work Experience To candidates

InsideAIML, an accelerated online learning platform for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science learners, has partnered with, an all-in-one omni-channel B2B solution platform that provides AI-Enabled Support Optimization Chatbots, Lead Generation Chatbots, Cloud Calling Solutions and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software.

The partnership comes at a time when there is a huge skill gap among students.

“The IT industry has an influx of more than 10 lac candidates each year, possessing fancy degrees and many certifications. However, more than 70 percent of these candidates lack basic coding skills and about 50% of candidates fail to answer basic questions in interviews.” said, Vikram Bhakre, Chief Technical Officer, InsideAIML.

He further added, “Many recruiters inquire if the prospect has any real-world AI, machine learning, or data science experience, and if they don’t, they won’t be hired. Today, recruiters are looking for true talent, not just someone who has a lot of certificates. These days experience is valued over degrees and qualifications.”

The InsideAIML partnership with AskTalos to provide real-world work experience to students is highly strategic in nature.

The partnership will offer real-world work experience to candidates with real-life projects and real work conditions.

Each candidate undertakes real-life projects under the supervision of Industry Experts from AskTalos. They work and complete all the assigned jobs in real-time.

These are real jobs that translate into meeting the company’s objectives and key responsibilities. 

InsideAIML Partners with AskTalos

Abhishek Kumar, an existing learner of InsideAIML, is working on the ‘Next Word Prediction’ project. Under this project, he is predicting the next words while typing the query in a chat message with the help of deep learning algorithms like ALBERT and BERT. He is also training models with Uber and Netflix datasets.

Similarly, Sakshi Dubey, an existing student of InsideAIML, is working on a ‘Text Category Prediction’ project. Under this project, she is finding the exact category of the user’s query in a chatbot. She is predicting the category of users using the Machine Learning Algorithms and NLP. There are many more students like Abhishek and Sakshi who transforming their careers with live project work on actual AI projects.

“We’ve been using unique learning approaches to fulfill the needs of aspirants. By assisting thousands of professionals with training and certification, we have achieved an industry-leading course completion rate of 92%. Now the partnership with AskTalos will help our students achieve an even better completion rate and more quality placements.” said Ankit Roy, Sr. Data Scientist, InsideAIML.

The AskTalos partnership will be carried to InsideAIML’s two flagship Job Guarantee Programs – Master’s in AI (an 8-months program) and Digital Marketing (a 6-months program). 

Graduates from any discipline are eligible to apply for these programs. Also, prior coding experience is not required for these programs.

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