Reliance On Awareness to Avoid Code Traps On Mobile Phones

Some little codes. Someone has lost possession of his phone, someone has lost the money in his bank account by putting those codes on his dial pad one after the other. No one realized that their personal information had been hacked. As soon as they understood, using that information, either a large amount of money had been borrowed from the bank, or the money had been borrowed in their names from the acquaintances in their ‘phonebook’.

In the last few years, the police forces of all the major cities of the country have been harassed by such code numbers. According to police sources, the number of allegations of being cheated by such codes has increased in the last two months. In this context, the police now want to increase the awareness of the people about the code number. They have recently issued multiple notifications stating that any type of code should not be typed on their phone as per the words of a stranger. If anyone asks you to do so, you should immediately inform the police.

What is this code?

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According to police sources, the code is created by putting *#@-& such special symbols one after the other. The use of each of the codes is one of a kind. One can take full possession of the phone. Some of them help to capture the camera, speaker and microphone separately. Again, there are some codes that can be used to disable the phone. It is not a matter of unlocking the phone by entering such a code.

According to the police, the software engineers of the mobile phone manufacturers created these codes for their own needs at one time. They are mainly used for mobile phone services. Such a one-to-one code is the property of any mobile manufacturer. But in the wake of the Dark Web, this list of code got leaked. The hackers hacked the servers of the mobile manufacturers and handed over the codes to sell in the digital market. At the moment, there are a lot of code based videos on video based social media sites.

How are codes being used to cheat? 

According to the police, the most used are code numbers *21* and *401*. After placing this code on the dial pad of a phone, after a few steps, all the calls of that phone will go to the specified mobile number. Fraudsters have even claimed to be employees of their own tele-operating company, adding that installing them will increase the internet speed of the user’s phone. Ever told the user, the old complaint he filed is still unresolved. After swallowing this bait, you have to write something more and dial. The fraudster will be able to open a WhatsApp account on his phone in the name of the person concerned. At that time the OTP is sent in two ways to use the number. One in a message, the other in a phone call.