Hong Kong Is Becoming The Job Destination For The IITians

According to a report published in The Times Of India, Singapore and Hong Kong are becoming the destinations where the country’s IITians are opting to travel during this season of placements. Most of the high-paying jobs are being offered by the trading firms out there. A popular trading firm by the name of Jane Street has chosen at least one student from the IIT in Delhi, Bombay, and Kanpur. It has chosen them to be a part of its Hong Kong office paying an all-time high salary package amounting to Rs. 3.6 crores. However, these were the pre-placement offers that began on December 1 st this year.

Quantbox Research which happens to be another highly popular trading firm has placed their offer for Rs. 1.6 crore to different IITs for its office in Singapore. The US which has currently been hit by the recession has been able to approach only a few IIT campuses this time with their high-paying offers. Although there have been a few like Cohesity who have been able to hire students to take care of their domestic offices with a promise of shifting them to the US within a year.

Job Destination
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As per the latest reports now, it is Jane Street that have been able to make the highest-paying job offer to a student from the Bombay IIT. Through a source in the Bombay IIT, it has come to know that there are a few other PPOs that had made job offers to students amounting to almost 2 crores. Right now the campus job offers have not yet been able to touch the mark of Rs. 2 crores. Right now the job offers that have come for the Bombay IIT are around the 1 crore salary mark. There are bout fifteen companies with offshore locations but most of them shall have the students for their offices in India because currently the Japanese and the US are having issues with visas.

On the opening day of placements, IIT Bombay has seen forty-six companies interviewing students in person and online. Out of the two hundred and, fifty job offers that rolled in on the first day above a hundred and seventy-five had got accepted. On the second day, IIT Bombay had seen about forty-eight companies. While IIT Guwahati had seen about fifty companies on their second day of placement with more than eighty job offers.

IIT Kanpur on the end of the first day of placements had recorded five hundred and nineteen job offers, out of which two hundred and seven were PPO offers. On the first day itself, IIT Kanpur had seen four hundred and eighty-eight of its students have secured a job for themselves. For domestic offers, the highest package has been Rs. 1.9 crore, till now. IIT Kanpur has received seventy-two international offers till now in comparison to forty-seven which was in the last year.  

At IIT Kharagpur, the highest salary package that was offered this year is Rs. 2.6 crores, coming from a trading firm. On day one IIT Kharagpur has seen sixteen offshore offers and in total it has been able to secure seven hundred and sixty offers.