Twitter Is Taking Aggressive Steps Against Harmful Content, Under Elon Musk

According to a report, Ella Irwin, the Vice President of Trust and Safety Product have told that Twitter under Elon Musk is relying largely on the automation of moderate content. The approach has been more casual towards reviews manually and supporting restrictions over th distribution than the removal of certain speeches. Twitter has even been strict about the restriction on hashtags promoting abuses and search results in certain areas such as child exploitation.

Irwin went on to say that the biggest change that has been implemented is that the team has been given more empowerment to take action aggressively. Irwin’s comments came after the research reports on an increase in hate speech over this social media platform after Musk’s announcement about suspended accounts. Since the time Musk cut down a majority of staff on this platform, the organization has been under constant question about its actions towards illegal ad moderately harmful content.

Under Elon Musk
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During a meeting with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, Musk has told that there has been an important reinforcement made about the protection of freedom of speech and the moderation of content. Irwin had told the media during an interview that, Musk has told the employees that safety is the major thing on this platform that he is looking at. So, the employees must not worry about if it is pulling down the review of the company in the process. Musk has even told the employees that each day and multiple times as well, they must review the actions of Twitter users and take the necessary steps wherever needed very strictly. 

Irwin has also told that this approach toward making Twitter a safe platform has been in the plans for a long time now. They are happy that it is finally been implemented. The approach that Twitter believes in is, freedom of speech but that should not come at a cost to freedom of reach. This is why Twitter may excuse a few tweets sometimes that go against its policy but still, it would ensure that such tweets shall not be visible on search or home timelines. 

It already has been a long time since Twitter is using some tools for visibility filtration such as Tweets that give misinformation to the public. Even this policy against hateful conduct has also been applied even before Musk took over Twitter. Through this approach, Twitter aims to keep this a free speech platform. But also at the same time ensures the potential threats or harms from such tweets be cut down. In fact, on Twitter, it was just recently that the number of hateful and harmful tweets has been on the rise.

Other than this Twitter is also putting a restriction on some hashtags along with search results that are associated with teen pornography and abuse. It has already reviewed a lot of its past company policies and made the necessary changes wherever needed. Irwin concluded by stating that Twitter shall continue to remain strict against these actions even if it lowers its profits or popularity.