The Oldest Tortoise Of The World Gets Ready For Its 190th Birthday

This Weekend happens to be a great three-day long birthday party. According to a report published in The Guardian, the giant tortoise in Seychelles, Jonathan will be celebrating his 190th birthday. There is going to be a three-day-long festivities around it. This tortoise of Saint Helena was first brought as a gift to the Governor in 1882. Now it has gone on to win the Guinness World Records for being the most aged animal living on earth. This tortoise also had a life with romantic interests too.

After going through an irritating phase, in the year 1991, a mate was provided for Jonathan named Frederica. But, after twenty-six years of living together and bearing no offspring, it was found out that it was a male tortoise too. Jonathan has always been very popular around. He even features on the five-pence coin, in the local as well. After all these years of growing old now, Jonathan has developed wrinkles. He has also gone blind due to cataracts and has lost the sense of smell too. 

Oldest Tortoise
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Even though his date of birth remains unknown, this year in the month of November, the British overseas Governor Nigel Philips granted him a birthday. A decision has been made that Jonathan was born on the 4th of December in the year 1832. According to the Guinness World Records, it states that the estimation of the age Jonathan has been made based on the fact that when he arrived in Saint Helena in 1882, he has already become completely mature. He must have been fifty years old then. Guinness states that Jonathan might be even older than the estimation. 

Going by his age, it is also been said that when Queen Victoria took the throne, Jonathan was a youngster. And now he had lived to see the world change to the technological age. Words had it that although he had lived long to see so many of the advancements around including the disasters of the Covid pandemic, probably he had not seen Saint Helena’s, Napoleon Bonaparte. Bonaparte arrived on that island in the year 1885 and died six years later to that. 

A three-day-long party has been stated to be hosted at the house of the Governor. It is expected to gather all the residents of the island.  The highlight of th party shall be a birthday cake and an animation video based on the life of Jonathan. The Governor and his wife Emma shall be the hosts. It has also been said that all the people who shall be a part of this celebrations will receive a special certificate. They shall even be able to buy stamps based on Jonathan. This reptile has always been the heart of the community. People and tourists had always gathered around to see him. It also seemed that Jonathan enjoyed his stardom because he always liked people being around him. He even entertained photographers. Jonathan has always been a very friendly reptile and a thing of pride for the community.