Drinking Excessive Water Can Cause Health Issues

According to a report published in Hindustan Times, drinking an excessive amount of water can lead to health issues. Water brings along with it multiple health benefits. Not only does it brings balance to the fluid content of the body but also it keeps bowel movements easier. To enjoy good health, doctors and medical experts always suggest that a person needs to have a minimum of eight to ten glasses of water each day.

But there have been reports that state people have consumed excessive amounts of water with the wrong notion that more fluid shall detoxify the liver better and be a quick remedy to weight loss. According to Dr. Sudhir Kumar from Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad, drinking water more than required will lead to health complications and death.

Drinking Excessive Water
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Excessive water disturbs the electrolyte balance in the body and lowers the levels of sodium. It shall lead to vomiting, nausea, coma, and death even. Water indeed is a lifesaver but an excess amount can lead to the cost of life too, Dr. Sudhir Kumar said in a Tweet. He further shared that the daily need for water for the body is up to 3 liters maximum each day. Better if stick to 2.5 liters. But, any amount above that would lead to serious health concerns. The Tweet further reads that due to psychiatric issues people sometimes require to consume a larger amount of water. It is even sometimes okay for athletes to drink more amount of water to compensate for the loss but indeed water consumption needs to be monitored carefully.

Smitha Shetty, a nutritionist says the same thing too. Even though water is necessary but an excessive amount has adverse effects too. Drinking too much water leads to a situation in the body that is called water intoxication by medical experts. In this situation the electrolytes and salt in the body become diluted and this leads the kidney to expel the water through urination. Having the right quantity of water is as important as a balanced diet and good sleep. 

Drinking water more than needed leads to bloating, hyponatremia, poor metabolism, swelling, and various other issues. It is even assumed that Bruce Lee died due to this same reason. 

How Much Water Is Appropriate For The Body?

According to Dr. Kumar, healthy kidneys are able to handle somewhere between 800 to 1000 ml of water per hour. People having issues with the heart, kidney, or liver can handle even lesser quantities of water. If you drink excess water in a span of one to two hours, it creates pressure on the kidneys to handle.

Water Intoxication Symptoms

  • Mild symptoms are dizziness, lethargy, and nausea
  • Moderate symptoms are agitation, confusion, and vomiting
  • Severe situations lead to coma, seizures, and deaths


Dr. Kumar advises that if you are facing any of these symptoms due to water, immediately consult your doctor. It is also important to check the level of sodium in the body. When the body goes low in sodium, saline injections are given to the body restricting the intake of fluids. Remember not to increase the sodium levels immediately under such circumstances for it shall lead to damaging the brain.