‘G20 Platform Should Be Used For Development’: Modi’s Message In Mann Ki Baat

India is going to take over the presidency of the G-20 summit with the theme of One World, One Family, One Future. The G-20 conference is going to start in this country on December 1. Which will continue for the next year. Speaking at the Mann Ki Baat program yesterday, the Prime Minister said, “The country should come forward with the issue of development using the platform of G-20.”

Yesterday was the Prime Minister’s 95th ‘Mann Ki Baat’. He discussed in detail the G-20 conference yesterday in a conversation with the countrymen. In the next year, more than 200 meetings are going to be held in various parts of the country focusing on the G20 conference. In the words of the Prime Minister, “Two-thirds of the world’s population lives in the G-20 countries. A quarter of the world’s business is done in those countries. Besides, about 85 per cent of the world’s GDP comes from the G-20 countries.” 

Statement from the PM 

Mann Ki Baat
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After Indonesia, India will chair the G20 summit for the next one year. The Prime Minister said yesterday that India can solve the various problems that the world is facing today by using the forum to discuss the issue of overall development. Calling for development and peace across the world, the Prime Minister said, “Be it peace or unity, sensitivity to the environment or development on a long-term basis, India has a long-term solution to the challenge,” he emphasized on presenting to the world.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that it is a matter of pride for the country to preside over the G-20 summit, which is an alliance of 20 countries of the world, after 75 years of independence. He said, “Apart from those living in India, Indians living in different parts of the world have also written to me and told me how proud they are that India has got the responsibility.”

Among these, the most notable thing is the launch of the Vikram-S rocket made by a private enterprise into space. The privately-made rocket, which was sent into space on November 18, has several new features. At the same time, the Prime Minister made it clear through his speech that India is sincere in the question of joining hands with neighbouring countries and helping them in the field of space research. Modi said, “Yesterday, India launched an artificial satellite into space. It was jointly developed by India and Bhutan.”

Despite the extension of the term, there is a fear of potatoes remaining in the freezer

Despite the impact of bad weather on the yield, the farmers and traders stored a large part of the produced potatoes in cold storage in the hope of getting a higher price later. But since Puja, the prices are decreasing. The time is coming for new potatoes to hit the market. Meanwhile, many potatoes fall into the freezer. The state government has extended the shelf life of potatoes by one month. Even then, about seven lakh tonnes of potatoes will remain, traders fear.