Brazil Kicks-Off Its Journey On FIFA World Cup, 2022

Brazil Kicks-off its FIFA World Cup, 2022 journey with a win against Serbia. Richarlison scored 2 goals for Brazil, leading to a comprehensive 2-0 win against Serbia. In fact, the second goal grabbed everyone’s attention as Richarlison finished it with a fantastic acrobatic kick.

It was during the 73 rd. minute in the game when this Brazilian striker lifted the ball in the air with a single touch while spinning around, and got it off the ground. And then using his right foot knocked the ball right into the nets. In the beginning, Brazil was struggling to break through the Serbian defense. But during the 62 nd minute, Neymar started a buildup which got finally completed by Richarlison carrying it from a close range from the nets. Both goals were assisted by Vinicius Júnior. 

Brazil Kicks
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Neymar who is looking forward to his first important title for Brazil remained at 75 goals, two goals away from reaching the record of Pelé.  The coach of Brazil Tite began the game with an attacking mindset, with a squad of four forwards. Vinicius Júnior, Neymar, Richarlison, and Raphinha. Lucas Paquetā, the attacking midfielder kept playing along with the defender Casemiro.

Yet, Serbia too with its strong side, was able to stop Brazil from creating many opportunities. Even though Neymar tried controlling the pace of the ball but failed to create many opportunities due to a stronger Serbian defense. Even Raphinha and Vinicius Júnior too had ended up missing too many early chances. 

The best chance for Richarlison to score for Brazil came when Alex Sandro made a low-range shot in the 60 th minute that went on to hit the post. Neymar too had got two great opportunities. One was with a free kick during the 50 th minute and the other one was to score during the 55 th minute from the penalty spot. But both times he had failed to capitalize on his opportunities.

Neymar who’s now 30 years of age is making his third world cup appearance. No doubt he is the star attraction of Brazil. He was the man behind the win of Selecao in the Confederations Cup in 2013 and also the first Olympic gold at Rio de Janeiro. But he is struggling to win a major title for his national team. It has already been two decades since Brazil last won the World Cup. They have remained undefeated in their appearances in the last twenty opening games, having 17 victories in them. It even finished in the top spot in its group in all the previous ten World Cup matches. 

Brazil and Serbia had also been head to head during the group stage match in 2018 which Brazil had also won by 2-0 leading to the next stage. After competing against Serbia in 2010, Brazil had never reached the knockout phase of the World Cup till now. But indeed Brazil had already sent out the message during this match that, they are ready to do whatever it takes to reach the knockout stages. The fans are hopeful too.