A mix Of Virus Is Causing Illness In Chennai

According to a report published today in The Times Of India, despite the Covid cases having fallen in Chennai, the people of the city are facing multiple other health complications. There seems to be a mix of different viruses that has caught up in the air of Chennai. People are having flu and different respiratory issues. In addition to this, the clinics out there are reporting an increase in different mosquito-transmitted diseases. While adults are reported to have been suffering from chikungunya, dengue is more commonly found among children.

The reports further state that across various other states in India, too similar issues of health are being detected. There has been an increase in the number of patients suffering from chest issues, heart problems, fever, dengue, malaria, chikungunya, and other viral fever as an impact of a mix of viruses in the air.

Speaking about it, Dr. V Ramasubramanian of Chennai has said that although most of these diseases are a part of this time of the season, they are self-limiting people more these days. In many cases, people who have been detected with a second-degree bacterial infection in the larynx are been treated with antibiotics. Sore throat, fever, and watery nose are a part of the seasonal virus.

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Along with medication people are also being advised for getting enough rest. These infections amongst adults sustain for a maximum of five days generally and slowly start to die down after that. But it has also been seen that the need for hospitalization is more among children and the aged.

He further says that most of the children in India get exposed to the threat of various diseases from the age of two. And this leads to various serious implications as they start growing up. Because India has a great number of people, the chances of transmission from one person to another are always high. This is the reason why the first thing the health authorities advised when Covid broke out was to wear masks, maintain social distancing ad also to remain careful about hand hygiene.

These days due to post-Covid complications, most people are falling ill frequently. There is a mix of viruses in the air says Dr. Ramasubramanian. This is making immunity weak mostly in children and older people making them more vulnerable to seasonal changes. He has advised that whenever a child is unwell due to a fever, he must stop going to school to restrict the spreading of the virus.  One mustn’t give any medicine to the children without consulting with the local doctor.  During these winter months, honey works well for the treatment of the common cold.

He also says that when a child has got cold, coughing is a good sign that it is clearing the airways. But sometimes parents come with a request to help their child stop coughing. During such instances, I tell them to make their child drink warm water with a mix of honey and lemon in it. Even having two teaspoons of honey before going to bed works wonders against cold, especially for children under the age of five.