Modi’s Recruitment Of Vacancies Through Fair

Voting in the country will be throughout the year. This year there are elections in nine states including Jammu and Kashmir. Which Election Commission has already announced voting in three states of Northeast India. Hence Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Rozgar Mela initiative 48 hours after the announcement of polls is considered politically significant. Altogether, the center handed over the appointment letters to about 71,000 people from 24 states yesterday. With which the Congress sarcastically said, the prime minister remembers to give a job as soon as the vote comes!

He is forgetting that he promised to provide 2 crore jobs a year. When will those jobs be given? Moreover, all the recruitments through Rozgar Mela are routine vacancies. The opposition has raised the question of where is the additional achievement of the government.

Last year in June, the Modi government had promised to provide 10 lakh government jobs before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. In observance of this, the Center organized Rozgar Mela before the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections last year. Elections were announced two days ago in Tripura, Nagaland, and Meghalaya. Modi is acutely aware that a large section of the country’s youth has turned away from the BJP due to the severe unemployment caused by the poor economy.

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So, like in the past, before the polls, all the opponents say that Modi’s ‘Rozgar Mela Drama’ has started to restore the confidence of the youth society. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge’s tweet, “Prime Minister, there are 30 lakh government posts vacant in the country. And you have appointed only 71 thousand posts! You promised to provide 2 crore jobs in 8 years. Where did the promise of 16 crore jobs in 8 years go – answer that to the youth society.” On the other hand, according to Modi, his government gives the highest priority to employment creation.

Rozgar Mela is an important step in the earning process. It is proved that the decisions taken by the government are implemented, through thisRozgar Mela.

Video conference of the PM

Yesterday Prime Minister Narendra Modi handed over appointment letters to several people to join various government departments and organizations through video conference. He also exchanged views with the job recipients. Congratulating them, Modi said, “This job has spread hope not only to those families but to millions of families.” West Bengal’s Suprabha Biswas was among the job recipients yesterday. She got the appointment letter from a state-owned bank.

Wrapping up

The Prime Minister spoke to Suprabha through video conference yesterday. Suprabha thanked the Prime Minister for expeditiously completing the recruitment process and the PM urged the young lady to continue her studies. Apart from Suprabha, Modi spoke to Faizal Shaukat of Srinagar and Bani Choung of Manipur, who received appointment letters yesterday. His advice, a government job is not the last word. He emphasized improving the skills of job seekers thinking about the future. So that they are able to take themselves to another height. According to Modi, it increases the overall efficiency of that institution and the country.