Windows 11 Leaks Big News for Xbox Players

Have you been eagerly waiting for Microsoft to unveil one of its most anticipated Windows Updates? Well, we all have been. And the big update will be here latest by the end of this week. But we have some shady news from the tech giant about some of its leaked features. 

Yes, just ahead of the official Windows 11 launch on June 24, users know what to expect from its big update through a Windows 11 leaked version. Because we won’t recommend users to download it, we have some big news on what all the new version has in store for the Windows 11 users.

The “Start” menu has some noticeable look changes. Now, users will be easily able to make out their app usage through the “Recently Used” and “Most Used” options. There’s also big news for users who were fascinated by the Windows 7 start-up jingle because Windows 11 has got it too.

The icons on Windows 11 have a whole new look. Their appealing redesign catches the eye in the first go. A vibrant and colorful gradient is yet another addition to the Windows 11 icon family. What more? Windows 11 logo to has a vital change. Users will now see the Windows logo tweaked with Windows 11.

There are also some compelling and apparent changes with the maximize button in Windows 11. Users will get to choose amongst options for locking the windows. Users can choose to lock windows in one place or another. They are given full control over this feature. Use it side by side or else go for a grid-based view if you like. Here also, users will be given a choice between three or four windows.

Finally, there is also some excellent news for Xbox enthusiasts. The new Windows 11 will feature a whole new Xbox app. The incredible app will give Windows 11 users privileged and direct access. Users can use the app to access most of the Xbox social features along with GamePass features. That surely makes a piece of great news for Xbox lovers.