This Gurugram-Based Agri-Community Startup Raised $152,000 Seed Funding in 1 Month

This Gurugram-Based Agri-Community Startup Raised $152,000 Seed Funding in 1 Month

The Bihari Boy, Rajesh Rajan, is a visionary entrepreneur that hails from a farmer family. He is the founder of Instano- the hyperlocal app that helps buyers find suitable nearby stores and shops.

In 2015, Instano was acquired by MagicTiger. Rajesh joined the company as a product division employee. Later on, he shifted to ixigo and Analytics Vidhya in search of better growth avenues. He believes his forte is building some great digital products.

By the end of 2018, Rajan decided to quit his 9-5 job. He decided to build a next-generation idea for digital business. In 2019, he got along with Avinash Kumar and Manish Agrawal and co-founded Krishify app.

The Krishify app is an online platform developed to impart knowledge, trading, and social networking ease to all farmers. Farmers can perform activities such as buying and selling cattle, crops, tractors, seeds, and other significant farming equipment. 

Through Krishify’s marketplace, farmers can also have access to all the latest crop, soil, weather, and farming advice. The app users have direct access to handsome government schemes such as PM Kisan Yojna and its immense benefits. One can also use the app to find cattle doctors and vets. Apart from this, agriculture experts and progressive farmers can network and chat using the phenomenal app.

Krishify makes the one-stop solution for all farmers’ needs. Farmers can use the app to connect to all agri stakeholders such as farm equipment sellers, distributers, fellow farmers, traders, transportation services, and cattle doctors.

The founder and CEO of Krishify, Rajesh Rajan, wanted to develop an app that would help farmers get across their point of view. He spent a lot of time along with the other co-founders to understand their pain points.

The Gurugram-based Startup was able to raise a seed funding of $152,000 within a month of launching its operations. Now, it has 1.6 million per week active users and a GMV of rupees 300 Crore. The app aims to touch 10 million users and have an ARR of $300-400 million in the next few months.