Vistara Passenger Causes Havoc Over Denial To Board Flight Without RT-PCR Test

A businessman, Suraj Pandey, hailing from Rudrapur in Uttar Pradesh, was denied to board his flight from Delhi to Mumbai and held on Monday. He was arrested by police for causing havoc at the Delhi Airport based on the complaint filed by the Deputy Manager of Vistara Airlines, Deepak Dhandha. 

The 36-year old male passenger created an unpleasant scene at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi on Monday, June 21. The commotion at the airport began only after he was denied by Vistara airline from boarding the flight. He was denied access because he didn’t have the mandatory RT-PCR test report. Having an RT-PCR test report is mandatory to travel across India as per the government guidelines.

The Deputy Manager of Vistara Airlines, Deepak Dhandha logged a complaint against Suraj Pandey’s ill-mannered behavior at the Delhi Airport.

In the complaint, Dhandha stated that the Vistara passenger came to Delhi Airport for his flight from Delhi to Mumbai. He came to the Vistara airline counter to travel from flight number UK933. The domestic flight passenger was not carrying any RT-PCR report with him. So, he was not permitted to board his flight.

The Vistara airline official further explained to the police, that near about 3 pm, Pandey lost control over his senses. He started shouting like a nomad and became very violent. He left no chance of creating havoc at the airport. He went to the counter, got on the baggage belt, and start walking there. He made it really for the airline staff to deal with the other passengers by doing so.  

Such behavior made it certain that police involvement was necessary. Once the police came in, they checked the CCTV footage. They conducted an inquiry on the logged complaint and finally concluded that Suraj Pandey was the main culprit. Pandey was then arrested on grounds of the committed offense. And then, a medical examination was conducted. 

However, the accused was released as his committed offense was a bailable one. Now he will be taken to a court in Delhi for the hearing.