The Falaknuma Express Train Catches Fire While Running

On July 7 morning, a train named Howrah Secunderabad Falaknuma Express caught fire while running between Bommaipalli and Pagidipalli stations. The train came to a halt immediately after three coaches caught fire.

Even though three coaches S4, S5, and S6 caught fire, there were no injuries or casualties. Thankfully, all the passengers came out of the train as it stopped. Hence, everyone was successfully saved from the ablaze train.

CPRO’s response to the accident

Following the incident, South-Central Railway’s CPRO CH Rakesh was asked questions about the fire accident. CH Rakesh responded that no passengers got injured as everyone safely deboarded the train. 

The officer also added that the coaches that caught fire were in the front of the train. Water was poured on the coaches and the fire was controlled immediately. After controlling the fire, the coaches were safely detached from the rest of the train to prevent the fire from spreading further.

Furthermore, the officer said, all passengers who deboarded the train were safely dropped to the nearest railway station by another train or bus. In addition, firefighters reached the incident immediately and took the situation under control.

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When asked about the cause of the fire, the officer said that the cause is still unknown. He further said that another General Manager of Indian Railways is already at the place of the accident. The investigation is going on and there will also be an inquiry. After all these processes, the cause of the fire will be revealed.

As a response to the Howrah Secunderabad Falaknuma Express train accident, many trains on the same route have been delayed or canceled for the time. Some trains were also diverted from the route of the Falaknuma Express.

Secunderabad-Repalle and Secunderabad-Manmad trains were canceled as they passed from the same route as Falaknuma Express. On the other hand, Thiruvananthapuran-Secunderabad and Repalle-Secunderabad trains have been partially canceled. Thus, even though the trains will run on their route, they will end the journey before reaching their destination.