Most Demanding Careers after PGDM/MBA Program

To choose the best career option in accordance with one’s passions, skills and return on investment, one has to be very prudent while selecting a career. The careers highly in demand in the current market scenario are discussed below:

Demanding Careers after PGDM-MBA Program

Business Analyst

For assisting businesses to understand their customers more precisely Business Analytics is a good specialization. Business Analysts use data visualization to offer projections for future outcomes. These insights help in decision making and planning for the future. The PGDM course of Poddar Business School has Foundation and Data Science, Data Visualization, Data Warehousing and Mining and Advanced Multi-variate Techniques as modules of specialization. In 2020, the Business Analytics market was valued globally at US$ 67.92 billion. And, with a CAGR of 7.3%, it is supposed to be valued at US$ 103.65 billion by 2026. 


You can work on live projects, Internships, and other experiential learning opportunities during your PGDM program. These experiences will help you develop the skills needed to start and run a successful business, such as creating a business plan, understanding market trends and developing effective marketing strategies. There are incubation centers at top ranked Business Schools toprovide best support ecosystem to inspire students incubate their ideas and create world class start-ups and commercialize prototypes.

Financial Analyst

Many established organizations have started embedding Finance Analyst professionals into their company’s structure. If one is interested in landing one of the highest-paying jobs in India, pursuing an advanced course in Banking and Financial Analysis will be an ideal career for the aspirant. Poddar Business School in Jaipur offers top class critical research in topics to advance technically through Internship programs. In India, the salary of a banker ranges between Rs 1.5 Lakhs to Rs 7.0 Lakhs, with an average salary of Rs 3.0 Lakhs per annum depending on experience and other factors.

Event Manager 

The Hospitality and Event Management industry is known for immense career opportunities with high perks. Studying Hospitality and Event Management at Poddar Business School as a new age elective in PGDM program, thereafter one can avail (of) several opportunities where a scholar has to perform in as an executive in different job roles. Meeting, convention, and event planners are expected to expand by 18% between 2020 and 2030, as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Do you know students that job growth for event planners is expected to be 11% between 2016 and 2026?

Food and Agri-business Manager

Agri-management or Agriculture Business Management is one of the fastest-growing sectors in terms of entrepreneurship and professionalism. It is projected that the Indian agriculture sector will grow by 3.5% in FY-23.The best agriculture stocks in India includes: Nath Bio-Genes, Goodricke Group, Bombay Burmah, Kaveri Seed, etc. Moreover. Hindustan Unilever, ITC, Nestle, Britannia Industries, Marico Limited, Mother’s Dairy, MTR, Vadilal Industries, etc. are the top food companies in India, which will be looking for trained professionals at managerial levels. Hence, there will be demand in the market for such experts in near future.

Some of the top rated B-school in Rajasthan like Manipal University, Amity University and Poddar Business School, offers new age electives as specializations, which would be extremely useful in the coming years. So management aspirants now you know that there is rising demand of PGDM/MBA professionals and choosing these courses can certainly boost your career prospects.

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