Technological Advancements- Leading Us Towards An Dark Future

The air attack on Jammu &Air force base through Drone has heated the situation in the country. It has re-generated the global conflicts.

Similarly, on 3rd January 2020, Reaper- an American drone, fired three missiles consecutively towards the convoy of General Qasem Soleimani of Iran. US President Donald Trump watches this scene live. As per the narration of a soldier, he says, ‘ they have one minute left, thirty seconds left, eight seconds left, they’re gone.’

Most people fear that these UAVs ( Unnamed Aerial Vehicles) take us to a dark world with technological war. Technology is advancing, but we are not using it in the right way. We are using technology to destroy others, which is leading us to the dark future. Technological Advancements.

The drone attacks have surprised the whole world, from superpowers like the US and Russia to Saudi Arabia. In 2019, a drone forcefully entered the oil fields in Saudi Arabia. Also, drones are used for firing missiles on Syria. Also, Turkey has attacked the forces supported by Russia using drones.

Technological Advancements

Drones are used for the most sophisticated and silent attacks. Even terrorists and militants see Drone as a disadvantage. Many countries are using drones to create a disturbance in their foe country to make an unstable condition. However, drones can be stopped by blocking the GPS signals, but they have to shoot down using guns or missiles if they have their intelligence system.

In the future, drones will play a significant role in global confrontation. China reveals extraordinary abilities of its Drone in the light show in 2018. China has been exporting drones and its equipment to more than 20 countries. According to Frantzman, the military who will integrate all their operations with Drone and modern world technology will have a significant advantage over others.

Technological Advancements

Many knowledgeable persons in Science and technology industry proposed that future warfare will be based on technology. And despite having armed forces, artificial intelligence will fight with each other. The technological impact may have made our life easier, but it has many dark effects and possibilities in the future.