Travel Ban On Indians : A Racist Decision?

As for now, the European Union has accepted the Covishield vaccine in the Vaccination passport program. But the European Medicines Authority has not approved the Covishield Vaccine as a vaccine. That’s why Travel Ban On Indians. It has approved AstraZeneca, a vaccine similar to covishield, but has not approved the covishield.

People belonging from India are not allowed to the most parts worldwide. Canada, Europe, United States, and many other Asian countries are not allowing travelers from India. Many countries have issued these travel bans for the spread of covid and rise of second-wave in India. Also, a third wave has been expected to hit ( Delta Variant) in India. And as for now, our situation has not improved much.

Travel Ban On Indians

Daily cases in India have been dropped. The cases are at their peak at the starting of May. A total of 4% of our population is vaccinated. And more than 24% have received their first dose.

However, even if your covid result is negative and you are vaccinated and ready for a 14-day quarantine on the country you have arrived in, you can be banned from traveling to that country because you’re an Indian. No Visa, No entry, No flights.

Even if you have a business or a job in that country, you will not be allowed if you’re an Indian. But people from other countries are allowed. No restrictions upon them. These rules and regulations make no sense. Even these regulations have no scientific justifications. They are a set of racist and bizarre rules. This racist decision is hampering our economy and relationships with other countries. As Indians, we should appeal to our Government to take tough decisions on an International level for ending these racist ban rules.

But nothing will happen. In this pandemic situation, every country is trying to eradicate covid from its root. They are trying their best to manage the current situation. However, the percentage of our daily positive cases is lower than in some countries banning Indians. For example, when we compare our daily cases ratio with the UK, we have 1/10th more minor daily cases from them. I hope that this racist decision by many countries upon us comes to an end soon.