SpiceJet Had Kept The Flyers Waiting Before Canceling The Flight

According to a report published in The Times Of India, due to technical issues, a very delayed flight of SpiceJet which was supposed to fly from Pune to Ahmadabad got canceled after making the flyers wait for a long time. This had left a few passengers very irate. This incident of Thursday had made about twenty flyers very upset as they have undone various mishaps in the airport while waiting to board the flight. 

This flight of SpiceJet was supposed to take off around eight on the evening of Wednesday as per the schedule. But due to sudden technical glitches, it kept grounded for more than eight hours. Due to this, the flyers were forced to sleep through the night at the airport terminal of Pune. On the morning of Thursday, it took off after four but had to make a quick landing back again at Pune within ten minutes. The unresolved technical issues with flight number SG-1078 made the airline officials cancel it.

Canceling The Flight
image source:https://thedailyguardian.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/spicejet.png

One of the onboard flyers, Bakul Pandey had told TOI that, his wife and he had checked in at the airport on Wednesday by six pm. They were informed by the ground staff of the airline that because of a technical glitch, the flight has got delayed by four hours. According to the new schedule, it shall take off at twelve thirty am on Thursday. At midnight there was another announcement made by the airport officials that it shall take off at half past three am. And then there was another announcement made at three am that it shall take off at half past four in the morning.

Mr. Pandey recalls the incidents further after the fight took off. He said that according to him the flight had not even taken its intended level of elevation when he felt two successive heavy jerks. And soon after the takeoff, within seven minutes the flight returned to the airport. An announcement followed that due to a major technical issue, the flight shall not take off. They also told the flyers to claim the refund and collect their luggage. On Thursday, his wife also had a reservation for the train to Bhopal from Ahmedabad which got missed too.

One of the other flyers said that the airline’s officials had kept them unnotified and never disclosed the issue with clarity. While an official from SpiceJet has told TOI that there due to a serious technical issue, the flight had to return to the airport and it was a normal landing too. The official further stated that even before the departure of the flight too they had informed the flyers much before four thirty-five am so that they could come to the airport accordingly. Most of the passengers were adjusted to other alternative flights that took off on Thursday. Many even chose a complete refund too. 

Indeed, over the past few weeks, different incidents around the airlines in different places have not only put this industry into question but also made flyers feel very uncertain too about their travel plans.