The Longest River Cruise Of The World Gets Flagged Off By The PM

According to a news article published on NDTV, the Prime Minister Of India flagged off the longest river cruise in the world named MV Ganga Vilas, today. He participated in the program that took place in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh through video conferencing. In this maiden journey of the cruise, the news reports state that thirty-two tourists from Switzerland are traveling. This cruise shall travel across Bangladesh and reach Assam’s Dibrugarh.

According to the director of this cruise, Raj Singh, each day on this cruise shall cost between rupees twenty-five thousand to fifty thousand. So for each passenger, this fifty-one-day-long journey is going to cost them about rupees twenty lakh. 

The Top Ten Factors Around This Story

Longest River Cruise
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  1. Tent City which is based across the banks of the river Ganga in Varanasi was inaugurated by the PM of India. it has a similar kind of setup that you can find in Kutch in Gujarat and Rajasthan. These more than two hundred tents shall give the tourists a panoramic view of the renowned ghats of Varanasi and a view of that part of the river where during the evenings the aarti takes place along with live sessions of classical music and yoga sessions. The PM has also inaugurated the foundation for many projects based on waterways. All these projects cost more than rupees one thousand crores.
  2. The PM informed us that holding the hands of this cruise, many worth to be a visit places in Eastern India shall find a mention in the tourism map of the world. He regrated the fact that even after so many years of Independence, the banks of Ganga could not get developed and people had to migrate elsewhere for jobs.
  3. According to the PM, Ganga Vilas happens to be the first cruise ship in India. In fifty-one days it shall cover three thousand two hundred kilometers. 
  4. Raj Singh mentioned that this cruise is equivalent to a five-star hotel on a vessel.
  5. The cruise shall cover twenty-seven rivers through prominent places giving the tourists a good view of the richness of India.
  6. From salon, spa, to gym you will find all kinds of facilities in it. it also has a noise control technology and free from pollution system for maintaining a healthier atmosphere.
  7. There is even a process for collecting the sewages so that it does not get out on Ganga, polluting the holy river. In addition to that, a filtration plant has been installed too for keeping the water of the Ganga purified and suitable for taking a bath or performing the pujas.
  8. The Union Minister has said that this voyage shall give a good understanding to the tourists about India and Bangladesh’s rich history, culture, art, and spirituality.
  9. About rupees twenty-five thousand to fifty thousand is going to cost each day for the tourists traveling in it. So, the complete fifty-one-day long journey shall cost about rupees twenty lakhs for each.
  10. In a message to the tourists the PM said that India has great many more things to offer than you can ever imagine.