Noida Makes It Permissible For Bars In IT Parks

According to a report published in The Times Of India, now in Noida, the IT parks can make provisions for bars for its clients and employees. The authority of Noida has told TOI in a press meeting that they have revised their policy over institutional properties. The firms went on to say that their staff undergoes very hectic work schedules that keep them at h premises of the offices for long hours. And this is why this decision has been taken so that so that the staff can have leisure time too.

Usually, the IT offices are very swanky having world-class facilities and lavish perks. Now, alongside the already added facilities such as sports clubs, gymnasiums, and restaurants, the IT parks of Noida can also have bard for their clients and employees.

The officials at Noida Authority have told that they have revised all their policies at a board meeting over all their institutional properties spread across more than five acres. Now, all the existing restaurants across the IT parks in Noida can add liquor to their menu too after obtaining a license. Even new bars can start operating too at the campus provided they obtain a license. 

Bars In IT Parks
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The officials had told that this decision came after a long withhold of proposals from the IT companies, their clients, and staff. They claimed that since the people of IT companies have to stay back for a long in the office premises so, having leisure time was mandatory. Apart from this, since the offshore clients of the IT companies too visit regularly, so even they required leisure time. Before this, although licenses were given to institutional properties for gyms, restaurants, and sports clubs, but there were no provisions for liquors. 

Speaking further about it, the IT official has said that IT companies have a huge number of employees who functions at different shifts of work. Since the employees not only work for clients in India but abroad too so they have to spend long hours at the desk that operates round the clock. Sometimes the work tends to become monotonous and so a break becomes essential for rejuvenation and enthusiasm. In view of this many clients have suggested keeping a provision of bars in the restaurants in the IT parks is very essential. Even the excise officials at Gautam Budh Nagar have told that this would increase the earnings of the district.  

RB Singh, who happens to be an Excise officer at GB Nagar has told that allowing bars in this area shall be a good move. Liquor is no longer a taboo in India and Noida happens to be an emerging hub for IT companies in India with its campus of international standards. There are different other IT campuses in Bengaluru and Gurgaon where operating a bar is already allowed. Previously there had been an appeal from many restaurants in the ITES and IT campuses in Noida for granting licenses for bars. But it was not possible due to the restrictions from the higher officials.