A Young Woman Died In Delhi’s Sultanpuri

A winter in Delhi again. A young woman died again! After Nirbhaya, the capital witnessed yet another tragic
incident. A girl named Anjali’s family claims that she was sexually assaulted. However, according to the police,
the young woman died in an accident.
The young woman in her twenties was returning by scooter on New Year’s Eve. A car hit her scooter in
Sultanpuri. That young girl named Anjali fell. Her body got caught in the wheels of the killer car. In that
condition, the car dragged for about 13 km. Even the dress, the back of the young woman’s body was torn.
Bloody and wounded, the young woman did not survive.
The police have arrested all the five people in the killer car. Allegedly, those five were drunk on New Year’s
Eve. They have arranged medical examination of the accused to determine the truth of the matter. Although
the question is raised, how did it escape the attention of the police when she was dragged along a long 13 km
route in the capital? So what was the patrolling force doing?

Woman Died
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Anjali’s mother Rekha alleged that her daughter was sexually assaulted. She said, “Her clothes did not get torn
completely. But she was found naked. We want a full investigation and justice in this incident.” The girl’s uncle
Prem Singh said that Rekha got the news of the girl’s accident around seven in the morning. She was informed
that Anjali had died. Anjali has been kept in the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital morgue. Prem alleged that
the police did not want to show his sister the accident site.
Statement from the victim’s uncle
After that Prem said, “This incident is also similar to the Nirbhaya incident. Those young men tried to do
something bad to our daughter. I want justice.”
Allegations of rape also spread on social media. Although the police has made it clear that Anjali died due to an
accident. Action will be taken against those spreading fake news.
Women’s Commission chief Swati Maliwal has called the Delhi Police in connection with the death of the
young woman. Her comment, “Nude body of a young woman was found in Delhi’s Kanjawala. Reportedly, the
car of some intoxicated youth rammed the young woman’s scooter. The young woman was dragged for
several kilometers. This is a terrible incident.”
A senior police officer said that at 3:24 am, someone called and informed about the accident. He also said that
a car is dragging a young woman. The man later identified the killer car.
Wrapping up
A team of police was sent to the spot after receiving the phone. The police issued alert everywhere to find the
killer car. At around 4.11 AM, the police got another phone call and found out that there was a body lying in
Kanjawala. A team from the crime branch of the Rohini district police quickly reached there. Anjali was sent to
Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Mangalpuri. There the doctors declared Anjali dead. According to the
police, a scooty was spotted by the patrolling team in Sultanpuri police station area.