Nirmala Sitharaman’s Counter Question On Ambani-Adani

The opposition accused the Modi government of favouring the ‘Ambani-Adani’. In response to this yesterday, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman stood in Parliament and said that the Congress in Kerala had invited the Adani group and served it on a platter. That did not change even after the Left government came to power in that state. Land is being given to the same industrial group in Rajasthan. The project is being cited in other states as well. There is no problem if it is cited in a transparent process. So why will the question be raised about ‘Ambani-Adani’ only during the Modi government!

Question from Congress leader 

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Congress leader P Chidambaram questioned the huge tax exemption given to the industrial sector while discussing the budget surplus proposal in the Rajya Sabha. He asked, why are they not showing enthusiasm for new investments even after the Modi government gave a ‘gift’ to the corporate world?

Yesterday, Nirmala said in response that in 1994, Manmohan Singh reduced corporate tax from 45% to 40% when he was the finance minister. In 1997 AP Chidambaram reduced it to 30%. Surcharge is waived. Later it returns again. But in 2005, the tax rate was again reduced to 30 percent. Nirmala’s question, were these ‘gifts’?

The finance minister claimed that before they came to power, corporate bodies were burdened with huge debt. Banks were saddled with huge non-performing loans. Now that unproductive asset rate has fallen. The burden has been lightened for private companies. Industrial credit growth was 17.9% in April. They have started investing in new factories.

Finance Minister’s claim regarding the overall situation of the economy and the fear of recession, the World Bank has said that the fundamentals of the Indian economy are strong. Price increase is also being monitored. The RBI Governor said in an event that day, like Arjun’s target, their focus is now on price control and monetary growth. Along with the claim, the government is considering the price hike with equal importance.

Sonia Gandhi’s attack centers on Chinese intrusion at the border

Expressing deep concern over the issue of Chinese border intrusion, Congress Parliamentary Party leader Sonia Gandhi criticized the Modi government. Sonia discussed the China issue in detail at the parliamentary party meeting yesterday. In his words, “The government is deliberately not allowing any discussion about China in the parliament. As a result, the parliament, political parties and the public are not getting a glimpse of what is happening on the border.” 

Yesterday, twelve opposition parties, including the Congress, staged a Dharna at the foot of the Gandhi statue, demanding talks on China. Rahul Gandhi has also been consistently attacking the government on the China issue. In between, he mentioned the ‘beating’ of the Indian Army in Tawang, prompting a counter attack from External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar. According to Jai Shankar, this comment about Sena is very unfair. Keeping in mind the sensitivity of the issue, Sonia said yesterday, “The whole country is with our ever vigilant army.”