Booster Is Being Emphasized To Deal With Chinese Corona

The Narendra Modi government wants to rely on this booster dose to save the economy. Corona infection is raising its head again in different parts of the world. The Narendra Modi government is particularly worried about the way the infection has spread to neighboring China. The Center has been in the field since yesterday so that the old picture of infection does not come back in India as well. According to the government, after a long time, the economy has gradually returned to normal rhythm. The goal now is to ensure that there is no further slowdown in financial growth due to Corona.

Measures taken by the centre 

Chinese Corona
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Therefore, the center has taken action as soon as the picture showing the fear of corona infection in China came to light. Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandavia, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan, NITI Aayog Member (Health) BK Paul and others held a meeting yesterday on the Corona situation in the country. Most health experts believe that Indians have developed a much stronger immune system against the corona virus than the Chinese. So there is no reason to panic now. But it is better not to slack off on caution.

Yesterday’s meeting mainly emphasized on booster dose vaccination. More than ninety percent of people in the country have received two doses of the vaccine, but only 27 percent have received the third dose or booster. According to experts, the fear of people has been broken as the death rate has decreased despite the corona infection. That is the reason for reluctance to take booster dose. But there have been reports from various sources that infections and deaths have been increasing in China for the past few weeks. Infections are increasing in other Asian countries like Japan, South Korea.

In view of this, at the end of the meeting yesterday, BK Paul appealed to the countrymen to take the booster dose as soon as possible. In response to the question whether the booster will be made mandatory, a top official of the Union Health Ministry said, “It is not possible to make vaccination compulsory as a result of the Supreme Court order.” But he hinted that in the past, if two doses of the vaccine were not given, such as in educational institutions or government offices, or on board flights, the government could adopt the same strategy for boosters.

Wrapping up 

According to the Union Health Ministry, the subspecies of the Omicron species of coronavirus known as BF.7, which is spreading infection in China, has already been detected in the samples of four Covid patients in India. Out of these four, two are residents of Gujarat. Analysis of their samples last November and early December found BF.7. The third patient’s home is in Odisha. The fourth person has not been identified. However, the Ministry of Health said that four people are now healthy. NK Arora, chairman of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization, said, “Due to vaccination and infection, the country’s population has developed mixed immunity.”