Nadda And Santosh Loose Power After Getting Defeated In Himachal And Delhi 

After the defeat in his own state Himachal Pradesh, the All India President of BJP JP Nadda wings has been cut quietly. According to sources, he has been asked to stay away from issues like ticket distribution in the coming days. Narendra Modi-Amit Shah is also angry at the role of BL Santosh, who is in charge of the Delhi Municipal Elections.

The BJP central leadership had assumed that the fight for the Delhi Municipal Corporation would be tough among the three elections that had resulted in tension in the political circles this month. But the party was expected to win in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. According to sources, Narendra Modi is furious with the narrow defeat in Himachal Pradesh. According to BJP sources, Modi is now eyeing a third term as prime minister after winning the Lok Sabha in 2024. He is not willing to compromise to fulfil that dream.

Words of a BJP leader

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In the words of a central leader of the party, “Losing an assembly election till Lok Sabha also means a hindrance to Modi’s dream.” After the election results on December 8, Modi went to the party headquarters in Delhi. After a brief address to the supporters presents there, he sat down to a meeting to find out the reasons for the defeat in Delhi and Himachal. In the meeting, Apart from Amit Shah, Nadda and Santosh were also present.

According to the sources, the meeting first discussed the figures for the votes received. It showed that the party got only 0.9 per cent fewer votes in Himachal. In Delhi, the BJP got three percentage points less than Kejriwal’s party. According to sources, Modi said in the meeting, it is clear from this that the party organization has done a good job. There was no lack of organizational preparation. On the other hand, in the Himachal polls, the vote was held in the same tone as the BJP had set the campaign tone. The opposition could not make any fresh comments. That means, according to sources, Modi thinks that the main reason for the party’s loss is the wrong distribution of tickets, even though the organization is working well in Delhi and Himachal.

Among them, JP Nadda was responsible for giving tickets to Himachal. According to party sources, around 20 MLAs got tickets this time. Keeping in mind the anti-establishment atmosphere, Nadda chose new faces. The BJP leadership knew from the beginning that the aggrieved would stand as independent candidates. According to sources, the meeting raised questions as to why Nadda did not try to approach them. According to some central leaders, Nadda was somewhat complacent about the votes in his state. 


According to sources, Nadda’s no-nonsense attitude was not taken well by the Prime Minister. Therefore, in the December 8 meeting, it was decided that Nadda will not have any direct role in the important responsibility of ticket distribution in the nine states where assembly elections are held next year.