Chinese Aggression In Arunachal: America Stood By India

The Pentagon made it clear that the US stands by India in the context of Chinese aggression on Indian territory. On the other hand, Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar attacked China and Pakistan on the question of terrorism without naming it in the United Nations. 

The central government has already accepted that the Chinese Army attempted to change the Line of Actual Control status quo on December 9 in the Yangtze sector of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, along the lines of Galwan in Ladakh. In that context, Pentagon press secretary Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said, “America is keeping a close eye on the whole matter. We have always stood by our friendly countries in terms of security. We fully support the steps taken by India to bring the situation under control and de-escalate tensions after this clash.”

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In addition, White House media secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that they want the two countries to take initiative to resolve the border dispute. Karine said, “We are happy to know that both sides quickly stopped the conflict. We are carefully monitoring the situation.” In addition to supporting India, the Pentagon has taken a hand in China. According to them, China continues to attack America’s friendly countries in the Indian Pacific region. This is also being monitored.

Construction work of Shigatse airport 

On the other hand, China’s Shigatse Airport, north of Arunachal, has recently ramped up construction work, widening India’s worries. The image is captured in satellite images. Beijing uses the airport for both passenger transport and military aircraft movements. This Shigatse airport is about 155 km north of the Indo-China border. Apart from passenger flights, there are also arrangements for fighter jets, warning jets, and automated flights. But India is ready for all situations.

The Indian Air Force said that as previously announced, they will conduct military exercises in the eastern part of the country on December 15 and 16. Warplanes, helicopters, and automatic aircraft will be flown in that exercise.

Just ten days before China’s incursion into the Tawang sector and the clash with Indian troops, Beijing had given New Delhi lengthy advice on maintaining peace along the border. India’s diplomatic camp says it has become clear that after Xi Jinping comes to power, Beijing will make more inroads on the India-China border and escalate the conflict.

Wrapping up 

China stated on November 30 during a military exercise between India and the US at Auli in Uttarakhand, 100 km from the Line of Actual Control, saying that India should abide by the border agreements (between China and India) signed between 1993 and 1996. Strongly opposing the military exercises with the US, the Xi Jinping government said on the day that it was New Delhi’s responsibility to maintain peace and security along the Line of Actual Control. Then on December 9, they unilaterally infiltrated and stopped the clash with the Indian army. According to diplomatic experts, China violated the agreements it was talking about by unilaterally entering Galwan in June 2020 and clashing with the Indian Army.