Maharashtra E Pass Portal for Lockdown Pass Open Now

Corona Virus, the cause of the Covid – 19 Pandemic originated in December 2019 in China, shaking the entire world in no time. Targeting the respiratory system of the victim, the coronavirus leads to the malfunctioning of lungs, lung infection, and breathing issues. 

As per the research and studies from the World Health Organization, the coronavirus is found to be spreading among people due to physical touch significantly. Washing hands on a timely basis and sanitizing them with an alcohol-based sanitizer proved to be effective remedies against the virus. 

Corona Virus and Lockdown 

WHO suggested people not touch their face, especially their eyes without washing and sanitizing their hands. An epidemic converted pandemic; the outbreak of the coronavirus led to several countries’ governments imposing a complete lockdown. Lockdown is one emergency situation imposed by authorities to shut down the actions and restrict the non-essential areas after a certain time. Restricted movement of people was allowed during a complete lockdown. Emergency services like groceries, daily essentials, and some other necessary services were allowed until a limited time window each day. 

The Central Government of India imposed a complete lockdown between March 2020 and May 2020, for around 3 months, limiting the movement of every person in the country. The Government later imposed the Unlock in phases, easing some services at a time. With rising cases of Covid – 19 again, several state governments are imposing the lockdown restriction in the entire state, considering the current scenarios. An official spokesperson from Maharashtra Government recently stated that the prevailing situations and the concerning number of Covid – 19 cases can be controlled through strong measures. 

Maharashtra Lockdown E Pass 

Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Mr. Uddhav Thackeray recently imposed a lockdown in the state with necessary guidelines that are to be obliged by every citizen in the state. Alongside these guidelines, the mobility of people within and outside the state is also restricted. Unless necessary or in an emergency, no one is to move in the state. An online e-pass is necessary for emergency movement as well. Maharashtra Police E Pass, Lockdown Pass, or Corona Pass can now be checked on the Government’s official portal. 

Now a basic requirement for movement in Maharashtra, the e-pass is available for application and download on the Maharashtrian Government’s official portal. At present, Maharashtra has the most growing number of active Covid – 19 cases in the country. A complete lockdown and curfew were imposed in the state, owing to the situation. Maharashtra Police have introduced the lockdown pass or corona pass for people to ensure the smooth working of imposed lockdown. The E-pass is now a basic necessity if people wish to move within the state or out of the state for emergency situations. 

Application of Maharashtra Lockdown E Pass 

Any person in Maharashtra who is required to travel for emergencies can now apply for and obtain the lockdown pass through the online portal and follow the given steps. 

  1. One needs to visit the official portal of the Maharashtra Government or the dedicated covid19.mhpolice link for this. 
  2. One has to go to the instructions given before applying for the Maharashtra Police e pass and press the ‘Apply for a Pass Here’ button after thoroughly reading all the given instructions related to the application. 
  3. A pop-up can be seen on the page asking the applicant if the emergency travel is within the state or outside Maharashtra. 
  4. If the applicant selects No, i.e., for traveling within the state, the selection would redirect to a new webpage where the details for the e pass application are to be filled. 
  5. If the applicant selects Yes, i.e., for traveling out of the state, the selection would again redirect to a new webpage, where the applicant is supposed to fill in all the relevant details and the details of co-passengers accompanying the applicant. 
  6. The applicant has to fill in all the necessary details asked by the government on the website for issuing the e pass. 
  7. After entering all the details, the applicant is required to take a picture of themself through the device’s webcam and upload it along with the application form. 
  8. Certain documents like Aadhar Card, Medical Summary, and other relevant documents standing as proof for the emergency situation are also required to be uploaded with the application. 
  9. The applicant can click on the ‘Submit’ option and await the response after uploading all the necessary information and documentation. 

After due verification, the applicants would receive a notification from the police authorities of Maharashtra on the registered mobile number regarding the status of approval. The applicants are then directed to download their Maharashtra Lockdown Police e-pass through a direct URL provided on the SMS itself. 

Every applicant is instructed by the Maharashtra Police officials to remember that certain instructions and rules come in due with the lockdown e-pass. The applicants are not allowed to travel at random times without official permission and approval and oblige the guidelines imposed for the citizens’ safety. 

Maharashtra Lockdown E Pass not necessary within the state 

The travel e-pass was made mandatory by the Maharashtra government from May 16, 2021, for inter-state movement and for traveling out of Maharashtra. Having the travel e pass was mandatory even if the citizens are fully vaccinated with both the doses of Covaxin or CoviShield. 

As per the recent developments in the Covid – 19 cases, Mr. Amitabh Gupta, Police Commissioner for Pune stated that the Maharashtra travel lockdown e pass is no longer necessary for people traveling within the state. This move came into effect on June 7, 2021, and citizens in Maharashtra can now have inter-state movement without restrictions. 

Mr. Amitabh Gupta further added that anyone can move within the state between 07.00 AM and 04.00 PM and that people are no longer needed to submit an RT – PCR test negative reports for the same. Mr. Ravindra Shisve, Joint Commissioner of Police added that an hour-long movement after 04.00 PM would be allowed in the state to ensure that people can return home. Mr. Ravindra further added that no essential movement would be allowed in the state between 05.00 PM and 07.00 AM, as per the Maharashtra Government guidelines. 

However, people would still require an e pass for traveling to and from areas marked as Levels 4 and 5 as per the state’s guidelines. Maharashtra Government would still require an RT – PCR test negative test report for those traveling to Maharashtra from anywhere within the country, and the report should not be older than 48 hours before the travel.