India’s Worry About BRICS Being The Weapon Of Russia-China

As the Russia-Ukraine war drags on, the possibility of a rift within the BRICS is growing. At the same time, with the changing geo-strategic situation, the center of gravity of the group, which was formed in 2009, is also changing, the diplomatic camp said after the BRICS summit last week.

BRIC was created in 2009 with Brazil, Russia, India and China. Then two years later South Africa joined the BRICS. This time Argentina and Iran have applied to join the group, Besides, China is also active in expanding BRICS. But foreign ministry sources say the group, which was set up as a platform for economic, trade, security and cultural communication, is moving. After the last BRICS summit, foreign ministry officials said domestically that China was keen to use the BRICS as a platform against the United States and the West. It is learned that Russia, which is involved in China’s initiative, is  making India face more problems with its balanced diplomacy.

Stance of diplomats

Weapon Of Russia-China
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According to the diplomatic camp, BRICS has taken some steps in the commercial field since 2009 (initiatives like the BRICS Development Bank), but nothing has been done about security and politics. Every year, the foreign ministers of the BRICS countries meet. But there is no such consensus. Last month, China blocked a joint US-Indian proposal to put Lashkar-e-Taiba leader Abdul Rehman Makki on the UN Security Council’s list of terrorists. A day earlier, five countries, including China and India, had agreed on counter-terrorism at the BRICS annual security meeting.

Still it was going including obstacles. But the biggest threat to the group’s survival at the moment is that China and Russia are seeking to change their economic and security perspectives. In his inaugural address, Chinese President Xi Jinping painted a one-sided picture of the world, with the rest of the world trembling at the onslaught of the West! His appeal to the BRICS states is to stand up against military alliances and monopolies (America and Europe). Most importantly, the “Global Security Alliance” that Beijing announced after Russia invaded Ukraine, this time Xi urges BRICS to join that. The Chinese government’s explanation for the new initiative is to coordinate the fight against the US-led West.

Naturally, if the efforts of China and Russia continue to grow, then it will be difficult for India to hold on to the BRICS. India, on the one hand, is wary of the aspirations of all developing countries as a developing country, and on the other hand, it has similar strategic relations with Russia and the United States through multilateral diplomacy. Trade and strategic relations with Europe are also growing. As a result, the BRICS is increasingly likely to start a power struggle with China over power and existence. According to some experts, the 13-year-old group could be torn apart by the fighting.

Wrapping up 

But no extreme situation should be considered right now. With the rest of the BRICS countries in mind, it is safe to say that one way or the other must be worked out before the final crisis.