Zubair Jailed In Protest Of Hate Speech, Says Press Club

Mohammed Zubair, one of the founders of Alt News and a journalist, was arrested on July 4 in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, for allegedly making offensive tweets, following allegations by a Hindutva group.

On May 27, Zubair tweeted that Jati Narasimhananda Saraswati, Bajrang Muni and Anand Swarup were accused of spreading hate speech. On June 3, Bhagwan Saran, district president of the Hindu Lion Army, lodged a complaint against Zubair at Khairabad police station. On June 13, the Allahabad High Court rejected the plea for dismissing the FIR. Due to that allegation, Zubair was taken to Sitapur the day before yesterday. Zubair was produced in a court there. The court in Sitapur has remanded him in judicial custody. However, as per the order of the lower court of Delhi, the Delhi Police has taken Zubair into custody. If Zubair is granted bail in a Delhi court, he will be handed over to the Uttar Pradesh police. 

The Delhi Police, under Union Home Minister Amit Shah, has already filed a case against Zubair under various sections, including insulting religious sentiments. A Delhi court on Saturday remanded Zubair in judicial custody for 14 days.

Accusations against the Gurus

Zubair Jailed
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Complaints have already been lodged against Narasimhananda, Bajrang Muni and Ananda Swarup in different police stations. Bajrang has been accused of threatening to abduct and rape women in a particular community. Ananda, a member of the core committee of the Dharma Sangsad, organized a Dharma Sangsad in Prayagraj. A certain anti-communal statement came to the fore in that program. On the other hand, Narasimhananda has been accused of hate speech in several religious parliaments. Recently, Narasimhananda was vocal in support of Nupur Sharma’s, who was suspended from the BJP, prophetic remarks. Ghaziabad police then sent a notice to him. But no one was arrested. One netizen said, “Those who have made hateful remarks are walking around in self-glory, but the addressing of Zubair, who has spoken out against him, is now in jail.”

Statements from Press associations

Meanwhile, Umakanta Lakhera, president of the Press Club of India, said the day before yesterday after Zubair’s arrest that the media was currently under attack.

On that day, an event was jointly organized by the Press Club of India with the Editors Guild of India, Indian Women’s Press Cops, Press Association, Delhi Union of Working Journalists, Digipab News India Foundation and Working News Cameramen’s Association. Umakanta made that comment there. According to him, the current era is the most terrible time for journalism and journalists. In Umakanta’s words, “although the state of emergency has not been declared, all its features are visible.” Another journalist said that truth-seeking organizations like Alt News are a big obstacle in building public opinion at the convenience of the government.

The meeting was informed about the arrest of Zubair, who was arrested on exaggerated and baseless allegations. At the same time, it is said that those who are really accused of hate speech are independently roaming around.