India Is On The Verge Of Becoming The Most Populated Nation In The World

According to an article published today in WION, India is on the borderline of becoming the most populated country in the world, leaving China behind. The one-child policy of China made in 1980, lapsed in 2016. But that could not stop the population from growing in China post that. The UN has projected that by 2050, the population of China would touch more than half a billion which is very low compared to a hundred million in 2021. China has even shown a reduction in its working population too. With this effect, discussions are going around about India’s growth rate in population.

India Will Soon Become The Most Populated Nation In The World

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In 2022, for the first time in over sixty years, the population of China has come down. It has increased the chances of India becoming the most highly populated country in the world in a few months from now. Only recently the birth rate across the rural regions of India has gone down a bit. Education and profession of earning be it by farming or something else has also left an impact. Even after a decline in the birth rates in India, it is predicted that after forty years the birth rate in India shall show a decline. But by then it will already reach 1.7 billion. 

The population of working age is more significant in India. the population of this section has hardly crossed fifty percent in 2007. And it is expected that in 2030 it can reach a maximum of fifty-seven percent. For this to happen, meaningful work opportunities need to be created for the youth. Even though India has not performed a census since 2011 but according to the UN in 2022, the population of India has grown massively and it is going to rise further in 2023.

Causes Of The Population Change

What is changing the population scenario in India is its number of deaths over the number of births. During 1950, the number of death per thousand people in a year in India was 22.2 whereas, China was exactly more by ten digits to this number. Indeed the rate of births in China and India from 1950 to 2020 was quite high even though the overall population data of both these countries have shown a decline in the last thirty years. But the decline happened since the pandemic of 2020. During this time, the number of death was much higher than the birth rate in both India and China. 

Steps are been undertaken especially across the rural sectors of India to educate the people about the implications of high birth rates. Especially in the rural sector, an increase in the birth rate shall not only increase the crisis of hunger but also shall deepen the prospects of the pandemic further too. employment opportunities for the youth across the rural sector are also being improved. More productive work opportunities are being created.