China Is Building A Bigger Bridge In Ladakh

The Chinese military has stepped up its activities near the Ladakh border. The indication of it is found in the satellite image. According to a media report, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has begun work on another bridge near Pangong Lake. But it is bigger than the previous one. According to experts, the bridge is being built for the crossing of army tankers or armoured vehicles.

Pangong Lake is landlocked. About 135 km of the lake part is in Ladakh and the rest is in Tibet. The region has witnessed clashes between Indian and Chinese forces since May 2020. The news of the construction of this new bridge by China has spread panic. In the fire of which the active political circles are heated too. Congress leader Ranbir Singh Surjewala fired on the Modi government on the occasion of the construction of the new bridge. His tweet, “Building China’s second bridge over Pangong Lake is an unforgivable violation of ‘national security’! The Modi government’s humble surrender in the face of such serious provocations from China is terrifying. This is virtually the last nail. Will the Prime Minister and the rest of the ministers wake up and say something?”

Bridge In Ladakh

China has already built a bridge over the area adjacent to the lake. Construction began in late 2021 which ended last April. Note that this second bridge is being built right next to the first bridge. But the second one is much bigger and wider. It is thought the bridge, which is currently being built by the Chinese military, may need the first bridge to be used to transport cranes or other construction equipment. About three weeks ago, China began work on the second bridge. That is the claim of various reports.

A Defence Ministry source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said it appeared China had decided to build the second bridge to bring heavy armoured vehicles to the Indian border. In addition, if the Indian Army launches an operation south of Pangong Lake, Beijing will have multiple roads to repel it quickly. In other words, China is working hard not only to send troops but also to pave the way for stockpiling of armoured vehicles. This is the third year of the Indo-China conflict in Ladakh since May 2020. In the past, the occupation of the mountains near the southern part of Pangong Lake in India has pushed China to the back foot. But in order to not to create such a situation in the future, now Beijing is looking at that. That is why they have focused on preparing themselves in all aspects.

But Indian defence experts say there is no reason to be alarmed by China’s second bridge. India has already begun work on the Pangong Tso area as well as the necessary infrastructure along the Line of Actual Control. A large regiment of Indian forces is also present in the Ladakh sector. Both the Indian and Chinese sides have troops of 50000 to 60000 near the LAC.