A Golden Chariot Comes Up onto The Shore in Andhra

The village residents along the coast of Sunnapalli in the district of Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh had a surprise that amazed them on 10th May, Tuesday. A golden coloured chariot came up on the shore. 

The suspension is that the structure belongs to South East Asian country’s monastery like Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Japan or Thailand which are close to the Sea of Andaman. There is an investigation that is going on into the matter. Officials and fishermen suspect it has happened because of the huge tidal waves that the Cyclone Asani caused.

The incident’s visuals show the structure of the chariot floating to shore. It was in Bay of Bengal amid the waves which were rough and high and the sea was much turbulent. Locals tied around the structure with ropes and brought it to the shore for further examination with the fisherman’s help. From surrounding villages, several residents gathered to witness the floating of the chariot onto the shore at the beach. A case on this matter has been registered more investigation into the origin of the structure is underway.

Image Source: https://static.toiimg.com/thumb/imgsize-23456,msid-91482345,width-600,resizemode-4/91482345.jpg

Many people believe that the chariot may be from a temple from a foreign country. But according to the statement given to the ToI by the district officials of Santabommali, the structure came from a more local place. Foreign soil may not be the origin of it. According to Tehsildar J Chalamayya, the chariot may have been deployed as a prop to shoot a movie or something along the coast of East India. As a result, it may have come up at Srikakulam as a result of the effect of Asani Cyclone.

There has been heavy downpour in Andhra for the last few days as the cause of the cyclone. On May 10, Tuesday, coastal Andhra Pradesh had been put on alert for the appearance of the severe storm that was cyclonic by all means. Very heavy rains to heavy rains are most probably in Konaseema, Krishna, Kakinada, Guntur, Visakhapatnam, West Godavari and East Godavari districts. Gusty winds with the speed of 75 to 95 kilometres per hour are to be experienced by the coastal region likely. The administrations have built up control rooms in the district which are likely to get affected. People living in low-lying and coastal areas have been repeatedly alerted.

The occurrence of the chariot all of a sudden was very astonishing and it left the local people in awe. The chariot has a similar structure of Japan’s Wayo style architecture. There are also inscriptions on it in foreign language that is dated 16 January, 2022. As more people started to gather to witness the ‘miracle’, The Marine police had to take custody of the temple chariot. The chariot is made of sheet of tin and resembled a Puja Mandir that was on wheels, according to the sub inspector named Naupada of Srikakulam district. None was on board in the structure. Several videos and photos were shared in the Twitter handles of news agencies and they garnered much interest among the people in the country.