Unlock These Hidden Features – A Concept Of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most sensational messaging app that was ever created by a human being. It makes the lives of people hassle-free. It helps people connect, socialize, and engage with each other through an online mode. Every few months, there are new features which are modified for the brilliant and smooth functioning. You can explore all these features on the app itself. It has been a game changer in terms of the increased demand for the application.

Here are some features that will contributing in making your experience more fulfilling

People can now share their screens and interact better with each other. It can help you share the same screen and present whatever you want to show to the other person. This can also happen in group and conference calls. This is a game changer for all the people who like to watch things together.

Unlock These Hidden Features - A Concept Of WhatsApp

Short video messages are something that every person relies on. To send a quick note or a short message video, you can now share a less than 60 seconds video to deliver your message.

Likewise, to deliver your notes or any information in the form of audio or listening ability, you have voice notes. These voice notes make the act of writing and delivering a messaging easier. It also helps the receiver comprehend the context of the message in a better way.

There is an end-to-end encryption that secures your private account. It ensures that all the information is confidential and shall remain so within the boundaries of your logged-in device. This helps in preventing cybercrime, fraud, and hack issues.

You can now lock private particular chats. Instead of locking the application, you can start by hiding or locking a particular chat. This helps in maintaining better privacy and safety of your messages.