This Six-Figure Career Path Is Booming Right Now – Aviacons Brings A Lucrative Career Opportunity For Pilots And Pilots In Making

Career Opportunity For Pilots

Aviacons, the leading pilot training services agency in India, is thrilled to announce a lucrative career opportunity for the pilots and the pilots in the making. As airlines face a shortage of pilots while travel booms, Aviacons believes it is the right time for aspiring pilots to gear up for private aviation learning and make the most of this six-figure career path overnight.

“The travel ground came to a halt during COVID-19. Most people preferred staying close to their homes rather than facing the risks and restrictions of going places during and after the pandemic. This year, travel is booming and airlines are facing a shortage of pilots, limiting their ability to meet the growing demand of the travel industry. If you are looking for a lucrative opportunity, you may want to consider becoming a pilot,” says the Founder and Director of Aviacons, Captain Shahinsha SK.

Amidst the pandemic, airlines limited their flight schedules as the demand dropped. Many pilots were encouraged to retire early so airlines could slash costs during this time of low revenue. Today, airlines are facing the opposite issue; they need more well-trained and next-generation pilots to keep up with the demand. The aviation industry is desperate to train people to fill the roles sooner than ever now.

Being a pilot isn’t a career that an aspirant can dive into overnight. It needs extensive training, thousands of hours of flight time, a series of licences, regular physicals, and many more requirements. The fee an aspiring pilot must pay to equip themselves for the skies may sound like a lot of money, but the return on investment can be substantial.

One of the leading private pilot training services agencies, Aviacons, has emerged as a well-devised solution for the pilots and the pilots in the making. As India’s premier aviation training institute, Aviacons is on a mission to impart world-class aviation training programs to professional pilots, student pilots, and aviation industry enthusiasts at affordable prices. The company envisions setting the future pilots up for financial security, enabling them to command a six-figure salary, build strong savings, and a solid retirement nest egg.

The demand for pilots is high right now. That doesn’t necessarily mean an aspirant won’t have to struggle to get a job. One must put in the time and effort to train and qualify for their dream job and be sure they can handle a much more demanding schedule than a typical 9 to 5 job.

A private aviation learning institute like Aviacons strives to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of skilled aviation professionals by introducing an array of professional courses in collaboration with globally reputed ATOs and institutions. To strengthen and progressively attain the highest standards in aviation training, the private aviation learning institute also focuses on expanding professional horizons to create a compelling and resourceful workforce.

The private aviation learning institute provides an array of industry-specific courses. It imparts quality training in-house as well as with collaborative arrangements with reputed institutions abroad. Its career-oriented courses, in line with the best of industry norms and standards from across the globe, make it time and cost-effective option to turn aspiring pilots into professionals.