The Center Approves A New Nasal Vaccine

The Center has advised the states to conduct ‘dry runs’ or drills in hospitals as a preparation to deal with a sudden increase in the number of corona patients. However, despite the daily increase in the number of corona patients in China, there is no news of an abnormal increase in the number of patients in that sense so far in India. So despite the rumors, the Center has made it clear that there is no possibility of the lockdown being implemented. Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandavia said yesterday, “There is no reason to panic. We have three years of experience in dealing with Covid.”

The Center has said that there is no possibility of a lockdown. The government will not take any decision that hinders the development of the economy.

Narendra Modi’s government is shaking as the number of corona patients in China is increasing. Prime Minister Modi held a meeting on the 23rd to understand the picture of the country’s health infrastructure to deal with Covid. Based on that, the Union Health Minister held a meeting with the state health ministers yesterday. In yesterday’s meeting, Mandavia warned the states about the situation in the world and asked them to make necessary preparations from now. He also assured the states of all kinds of help.

Guidelines for states

After yesterday’s meeting, the Center issued several guidelines to the states. In the letter written to the chief secretaries of each state, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has asked to record the number of patients with influenza-like illness and respiratory problems in each district on a regular basis in the designated portal of the health ministry, as in the past. According to the Ministry of Health, it is possible to detect whether the infection has suddenly spread in any area.

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The Center has also advised every state to increase the number of RT-PCR, and antigen tests and send more infected samples for genome sequencing to detect Covid. So that it is possible to understand whether a new species or subtype of the virus is the cause of infection.

In yesterday’s meeting, the question of looking into the infrastructure of hospitals in the state was given the most importance. It has been asked to check whether separate beds, oxygen cylinders, and oxygen plants are running especially for corona patients. Besides, it has been ordered to keep stock of life-saving medicines for corona treatment. States have been asked to be proactive in creating awareness among the public on the issue of taking booster doses. Besides, the promoters of various events during the festive season, trade associations, and shopkeepers have been advised to see that they comply with the Covid rules.

Nasal vaccine iNCOVACC

• Approved by the center on Friday. Joined the Cowin platform that evening

• DCGI clearance last November

• Home Remedy

• Manufactured by Bharat Biotech

• For now, it will be found in private centers

• Adults can take it as a booster dose. That is, those who have taken Covaxine or CoviShield vaccine, are eligible to take this vaccine

• Needless. 8 drops will be given in the nose