Sourav Ganguly Remains The President Of The Indian Board On The Orders Of SC

The Supreme Court’s verdict greatly relieved the administrators of the Indian Cricket Board. The country’s highest court on Wednesday allowed the petition to change the constitution of the board. The most significant of which is that an administrator cannot vacate a post after three years in office. According to the recommendation of the Lodha Committee, the Supreme Court verdict was right, Sourav-Jay should go on ‘cooling off’ only after the completion of three years. Now it isn’t needed anymore. The court said, they can go for ‘cooling off’ after completing another three years.

Speculations about the future 

After this verdict, a dramatic change started in the inner halls of the Indian board. The clear meaning of the verdict is that board president Sourav Gangopadhyay, secretary Jay Shah, and all office bearers can remain in their posts for another three years.

Orders Of SC
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Sourav is already the favorite for the ICC chief’s hot seat. Amit Shah-son Jay is the front-runner to become the next board president if he does indeed move towards the ICC mandate. Again, it is true that the ICC will be elected later. Before that, the board president, and secretary should be fixed. In that case, what the equation of Sourav-Jay and Board Masnad stands for, could become as interesting as a breathless T20 match.

From the morning, the news was spreading that if you are over 70 you cannot stay on the board, this rule is also going to be lifted. It also started the hype about the possibility of N. Srinivasan’s return. Although it was later learned, that the board did not make any application to the Supreme Court in this regard. Rather, the other change that has taken place is quite significant. The Supreme Court has exempted MPs and MLAs even though the ban on the entry of ministers into the cricket organization remains. As a result, Rajiv Shukla can stay on the board. In addition, many fear that the door has been opened again for influential executives in various organizations.

Joy’s interest in the presidency 

According to informed sources, no one inside the board is left to know that Jay is interested in the highest position on the board. Its evidence fits well. For example, Jay’s sitting as the president of the Asian Cricket Council without sending Sourav. After many meetings, the board’s press release also shows that Secretary Jay is gaining more prominence. So, no wonder someone borrows Shah Rukh Khan’s dialogue about the next board president and says ‘picture abhi baaki hai mere dost’.

Just as Sourav was no longer barred from holding the position of the board by the Supreme Court’s ruling, so too was Jay’s problem solved. Both have to undergo a mandatory ‘cooling off’ after the second three-year period. That means Jay should be satisfied with being the secretary. But the cricket board’s history is full of ambitious administrators who didn’t want to be confined to the post of secretary.