Rohit Saraf: Comedy Is The Toughest Thing To Accomplish, But I Want To Try It

After playing a variety of love parts, actor Rohit Saraf, often known as the “National Crush,” wants to embrace comedy. He believes in variety and does not fear being stereotyped. 

He finds working with various media enjoyable and not difficult. While filming consecutive projects, he experiences weariness but overcomes it. Ishq Vishk Rebound and Mismatched Season 3 are two of his forthcoming ventures that have him enthused. Although there is interest in Saraf’s love life, he is not dating anyone right now.

Actor Rohit Saraf has built a solid reputation over the years and earned the title of “National Crush” as a result. However, humour is the genre he genuinely wants to pursue in the future; romance is not.

Saraf has acted in a number of love-themed television shows and films, including Mismatched, The Sky Is Pink (2019), Dear Zindagi (2016), and his upcoming film Ishq Vishk Rebound.

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In response, he says he’s not worried about being stereotyped. He claims, “I do believe that I have it in me, and versatility is one thing that I would like to be renowned for. 

I’ve selected scripts like Ludo because I want to improve, and I think that will allow me to demonstrate my versatility. I adore sections like that. Having said that, comedy is the genre I would prefer to work in. It’s the toughest thing to do, therefore I’ve always assumed I wouldn’t want to.

Saraf has experience working in the OTT market as well as the film sector. He acknowledges that switching between various mediums is not at all difficult.

I don’t think the medium has anything to do with the issues, the speaker asserts. In actuality, there are no difficulties with respect to media. The only difference between the various mediums is the extraordinary reach.