Pravin Tambe Net Worth: A Well Known Spinner Of IPL

Pravin Tambe is a cricketer who specializes in bowling, known for his leg spins. Read this article to know about the estimated Pravin Tambe net worth. 

About Pravin Tambe:

Born on October 8, 1971, Pravin Tambe is an Indian cricketer. He was born and brought up in Maharashtra. He completed his education at a government school and college. To support his family, he worked hard. 

The career of Pravin Tambe :

Pravin Tambe had a passion for cricket. Along with work, Tambe used to play in the Mumbai club and was a local player specializing in bowling. He started as a pace bowler but eventually shifted to spin bowling. 

He started playing in Ranji Trophy for Mumbai. Later he played for the Rajasthan team in Ranji Trophy and secured a win.  

His cricketing career picked up when he was scouted by Rajasthan Royals for the IPL 2013. He debuted in IPL as the oldest player in the league. His performance put everyone in awe and soon became a feared bowler with his amazing spin bowling. Later he played for Gujarat, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.   

He now owns a cricket training academy called Pravin Tambe Cricket Academy. He teaches young players needing guidance. 

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Pravin Tambe net worth:

Various sources contribute to the cricketer Pravin Tambe net worth as follows:

  • Match fees
  • Coaching fees
  • Brand endorsement
  • His academy, Pravin Tambe Cricket Academy

It is said that the major source of his net worth was IPL. Now it is his academy where he trains budding cricketers to learn in a better environment and with proper guidance. 

He is known to charge 10 – 20 crore INR to play a season of IPL. 

All the factors contribute to the net worth of the cricketer which is estimated to be INR 6 crore.