Netflix acknowledges the black screen glitch appearing at the end of episodes

The popular streaming service across the globe, Netflix has had a mammoth userbase for the last few years. Right from its launch in 1997, this streaming platform impressed the audiences with gripping shows and seamless entertainment. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic last year, Netflix generated a whopping revenue of 25 billion dollars. The platform invested its revenue in numerous new shows and expanding its infrastructure. At present, the company presents around 850 originals on its website.

Boasting an impressive collection of TV shows, movies, original series, and documentaries, amongst others, Netflix allows its subscribers to stream the content or download it and view it in offline mode. However, things seem to be a little difficult for this platform now. 

While some users complained of the ‘server down’ issue, others faced the ‘automatic sign out’ problem. In recent times, numerous Netflix users have complained about the black screen issue. This latest issue seems to hit the platform’s market significantly, as several users from all parts of the world are being affected by it. 

Netflix acknowledges the black screen glitch

This latest issue has been preventing users from watching anything presented on the platform on the whole. As per several users’ claims, the black screen issue has prevented them from watching the finale part of any episode. The users stated that they could only see a black screen instead of the actual video. However, the audio part remained unaffected. 

The final part of any episode often covers some significant information related to the series or may leave a hint about the upcoming episodes. Moreover, this part also covers some crucial dialogues or clippings that most users don’t want to miss. This bug is believed to be affecting the users on a priority basis. 

The reason for this major glitch is yet to be discovered, as the screens didn’t show any error reports or codes until now. This hasn’t gone well with the users, and many of them are annoyed with the black screen bug. People have expressed their dissatisfaction over the glitch and expect the company to resolve the issue soon. 

Right now, Netflix has acknowledged the issue and is trying to reach its subscribers to gather detailed information about this bug. However, the company hasn’t stated anything else related to the issue apart from acknowledging it. There is no official information related to when the glitch might be resolved completely.