Narayanites Portray True Freedom with Patriotic Fervour on 77th Independence Day

As India marked its 77th Independence Day on August 15th, over 400 branches of Narayana Educational Institutions indulged in a grand celebration that resonated with patriotism and pride. Across all the branches, the Narayana family, including students, faculty, and supporting staff, came in unison to express their love and dedication for the nation, defying the boundaries of caste, religion and background.

Narayanites Portray True Freedom with Patriotic Fervour

Depicting the true meaning of freedom, our female Physical Education Trainers, who chose to pursue their passion in a field dominated by male professionals, led the group of students and presented exercises and bands and made a mark in their chosen field. Standing as a live example for the students and sharing their journeys, our female PETs also motivated the students to pursue their interests in life.

Between the 8th and 15th of August, Narayana Educational Institutions went beyond the usual one-day commemoration by celebrating a full-fledged Independence Week. The event, themed “Know My India,” was an immersive journey designed to educate students about the significance of India’s Independence and its rich historical context. Discussions and debates were organized on topics ranging from the freedom struggle to the evolution of India post-independence. This not only fostered a sense of curiosity but also ignited a sense of pride and respect for the nation’s past.

Music and dance competitions were a highlight of the week, providing a platform for students to express their love for the country through art. Traditional Indian dance forms and patriotic songs filled the air, instilling a profound sense of unity and patriotism among the audience.

On the dawn of August 15th, the respected dignitaries unfurled the national flag, a ceremony that filled everyone with pride. To further honour the heroic deeds of the freedom fighters, students delivered speeches, reciting tales of courage and resilience. Their words served as an inspiration to embrace the values of liberty, equality, and fraternity – the pillars on which our nation stands.

What made this Independence Day truly special was the unity and camaraderie that blossomed among the students. The celebrations provided a unique opportunity for students to interact and gel with each other, transcending grade barriers and fostering friendships across classes. From the seniors guiding their juniors to the juniors seeking inspiration from their seniors, the school premises were abuzz with the essence of togetherness.

Dr. P. Sindhura, Director of Narayana Educational Institutions, remarked, “Independence Day holds a deep significance in our nation’s history, and it is heartening to witness the fervour of patriotism displayed by every member of the Narayana family. As educators, it is our responsibility to instill a strong sense of national pride and integrity in our students, empowering them to contribute positively to the growth and progress of our beloved country.”

This was not just a celebration; it was a week-long learning experience that redefined freedom and independence for the Narayana family – students, teachers, and supporting staff alike. Jai Hind!