Israel Angered By Lapid’s Comments At The Film Festival

The criticism of the film, which was praised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, on the stage of the international film festival has thrown the Modi government and the BJP leadership into a lot of discomfort and confusion. To cover up the discomfort, the entire BJP criticized Israeli director Nadav Lapid yesterday. Diplomats at the Israeli embassy in Delhi also criticized Lapid yesterday. Israeli diplomats have also come under fire on Facebook-Twitter for criticizing their country’s director Modi’s favourite movie.

Criticism of the film

Film Festival
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Goa Film Festival Jury Board chief Nadav Lapid criticized Modi’s favourite film ‘The Kashmir Files’ as ‘intentionally propagandistic and offensive’ in front of Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur on the 28th. But Modi said that the film has shown the truth. India’s relations with Israel have improved under Modi. After this criticism by the Israeli director yesterday, all the BJP leaders raised the question that the Jews of the country which fell under Hitler’s ‘Holocaust’, How the director of their country criticizes the film made on the torture of Kashmiri scholars!

Israeli Ambassador Naor Gilon himself criticized Lapid on Twitter, saying, “You have abused hospitality. It is insensitive to comment on a historical event without deep knowledge.” Gilon expressed regret for Lapid’s comments. At the same time, he told Lapid, “You will go back to Israel thinking that you have made a brave comment. We will be the representatives of Israel in this country. You should see what messages are coming to us on Twitter after your bravery, what effect it will have on us.” The consul general of Israel also met the actor in the film Anupam Kher and expressed his grief.

Statement from Shiv Sena

Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi said that it is unfortunate that the ambassador of Israel attacked Twitter in this way. Lapid by no means denied the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. He criticized a movie. Criticized how purposeful propaganda is being done around that incident. Priyanka comments, “If the BJP leadership wants to discuss Kashmiri Pandits, they have not been rehabilitated. There was no security to prevent the terrorists from targeting. Forced labour is being sent to Kashmir to make the situation appear normal. What is the Prime Minister, Home Minister doing about this?”

Jury board member Sudipta Sen claimed that Lapid’s comments were not like those of the jury board. But the Congress alleged that the Modi government and the BJP wanted to spread hatred by spreading lies about the torture of Kashmiri Pandits.

Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate said, “Prime Minister Modi, his government, the BJP, and the right-wing promoted the film loudly. The head of the jury at the International Film Festival called it inappropriate, offensive, and purposeful propaganda for the festival. As a result, the agenda of spreading hatred was exposed.” In this way, the place of constructive criticism is being destroyed due to different people making different comments. It is hoped that the Prime Minister himself will open his mouth on this issue.