India Won Women’s Under-19 World Cup

India made history in women’s cricket. The long wait for a World Cup win came to an end on Sunday in Potchefstroom. India is women’s U-19 T20 World Cup champions for the first time. The team could achieve the winning run in just 14 overs. Only three wickets were lost. This achievement not only made the country proud, but opened the way for the next generation.

Cricket craze started in India in 1983 when people saw the trophy in Kapil Dev’s hands for the first time. Women’s cricket has had no achievements other than three World Cup finals and one Commonwealth Games final in so many years. They repeatedly reached the final of the World Cup but missed the trophy. But this success could herald a renaissance in Indian women’s cricket. More women cricketers can emerge after winning this cup. This achievement of Shefali Verma, Richa Ghosh, Titas Sadhu can take cricket several steps forward.

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A strange hunger has been noticed among this group of Indians. The decision to field after winning the toss in the final was a little surprising. However, the balance of the team increased with the arrival of Shefali and Richa. Both of them had played in the 2020 T20 World Cup final. They also know why India lost the match previously. Both took care that those mistakes did not happen in the match.

Impressive bowling and fielding 

India’s bowling and fielding at the final stage has caught the attention of the whole world. Titas and Archana’s spell in the power play caught the opposition. Titas returned Liberty Heap and Seren Smale for just 6 runs in four overs. Archana returned England Captain Grace Scrivens and Niamh Holland. After losing the fourth wicket by 22 runs, England could not turn around from that place. Shefali’s leadership style matches her aggressive batting. She did not block the boundary line unnecessarily. 

Rather, she blocked the way to take retail runs. That’s why England cricketers were in trouble while losing their temper and taking big shots. Titas, Archana and Parshavi Chopra, all three got two wickets each. But in addition to taking wickets, Titas’s run-stopping technique gave her the Man of the Match award.

A pacer is only good when she hits the ball at the crease. That ability can be seen in Titas. So she got extra bounce from the South African wicket. Due to the use of the sim, the ball also made small swings. Titas must remember to train regularly to play at a higher level. The quality of training should be improved. The whole world has seen the potential of playing international cricket in her. Now she  will fight with herself.

Wrapping up 

There is a lot of hard work hidden behind India becoming champions. They had already gone to South Africa. They played the series there. Then came to play in the main stage of the World Cup. It already got the opportunity to adapt itself to the environment. The difference was seen in the field.